16 PAX arrived on an absolutely beautiful morning to pay their respects to the US Armed Forces with a little downPAINment. YHC was happy to see everyone had their running shoes on and looked quite capable of using them. And that’s a good thing, because with 5 branches to pay our respects to, we had a lot of ground to cover. Time to serve brothers.

Run to grass behind First Citizens
SSH x 20
Wide Grip Merkins x 15
Good Mornings x 15

Run to back ramp of the USS CapTrust
w/ a send-off at World of Beer, Dips x 20

5 Burpees OYO at bottom of each ramp, Plank at top
Diamond Merkins x 15

Exit the ship, down the stairs and out the tunnel
Traverse to Round First Citzens Building and into the trenches
w/ Stair Bear Crawls and Partner Carrys along the way

2 Squads:
Group 1 Peoples Chair on the wall
Group 2 runs around building, Bear Crawl grass
Round 2: w/ BTW and Crab Walk grass

Run to North side of Basecamp Carroll
w/ Lunge Walk & Karaoke down bus lane

Wheelbarrow North side of the base
Form 2 Groups by back patio
1) Group 1 Get Rocks, Group 2 Pullups AMRAP, then Squats
2) Group 1 Pullups/Squats, Group 2 Flutters with rocks overhead
3) Group 1 Flutters with rocks, Group 2 Pullups/Squats
4) Group 1 Pullups/Squats, Group 2 Return Rocks

Head onto the tarmac of the Carroll parking lot

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20 (10F/10R)
Suicides with 5 Burpees each time you return to the start (5 times)

Mosey to back wall of Carroll

People’s Chair
Standard Merkins x15
BTW x PAX 5 count
6in Leg Hold x PAX 5 count
People Chair x PAX 5 count

Jog back to the flag and circle up for Mary
LBCs x 20
WWII Situps x 15
American Hammers x 25
Freddie Mercury x 20
Chilcut hold for last minute

Tour of Duty complete. COT

Naked Moleskin
I love a theme. Not that I think every workout should have one. In fact, some of my favorite workouts are plain and simple beatdowns led by guys who know exactly how to deliver them without much deliberation. I respect that. But sometimes working with a theme helps YHC craft a workout a little quicker, and hopefully makes it unique. And Armed Forces Day was made for all the F3 classics. I think we covered them all.

Special thanks to the PAX for doing arm circles as soon as I announced we were on the runway. That led to an audible of Sir Fazio Arm Circles, because a group of grown men acting like airplanes was too stupid not to be missed. #CSAUP And also to Larry David for asking if we would start the suicides with 5 burpees. Great question. Yes.

May 22 – 6pm – 2nd F @ PR
May 26 – 7am – Memorial Day Murph @ Pullen (no other Raleigh workouts)
May 28 – 7pm – 2nd F @ PR – Crotch Rocket on F3 Expansion
May 31 – 9:30am – F3 Dads @ Fletcher Park – Bring out the 2.0s
June 14 – Susan Komen Race – HC
Prayers for Dufresne and his family

“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”  General Douglas MacArthur