Upon waking and prior to heading over to Fallon Park, YHC checked out the WRAL weather report, which indicated a flash flood warning in effect until 0545. Specifically along Crabtree Creek. Especially between Anderson Drive and Old Wake Forest Rd. Might as well have said “Flash flood in effect for F3 Late Night.” After a pre-check of the terrain, and with a good inch of standing water on the Kiwanis soccer fields, YHC decided called an audible for another format, saving the soccer field plan for another day.

With 11 Pax gathered in the gloom and disclaimer given, off we dashed for the big parking lot, bridge to nowhere huge lake blocking the Greenway. “Hurry! Hurry! Omaha!” With Crabtree Creek at the same level as the Greenway and washing over the bridge, time for another audible.

The Thang

Warm-up run (0.6 miles) to Kiwanis Park (the long way through the neighborhood and by Joyner) with exercises along the way:

  • Prisoner Squat x 20
  • CDD x 20
  • Reverse Alternating Lunge x 20
  • Mericans x 20

Circle up on the basketball court at Kiwanis for a meeting with the real Jack Webb:

  • Jack Webb (1:1) x 8

Mosey over to parking lot and break into teams of 3 (one team of 2):

  • Partner #1: sprint length of parking lot to relieve…
  • Partner #2: Prisoner Squats AMRAP…when relieved by Partner 1, sprint to relieve…
  • Partner #3: Mericans AMRAP…sprint to relieve Partner 1

Pax rotate through stations until all Pax have completed 5 turns at each station.

Mosey over to the shelter:

  • Alternating L/R step-ups x 20
  • Pull-ups x 5

Wash, rinse, repeato x 3

Bear crawl back to basketball court ‘cuz it’s time for some Mary!

  • Reverse LBC x 25
  • Rosalita x 25
  • High slow flutter x 25
  • WWII x 25
  • Plank-o-Rama: High x 20, Putin x 10, R leg up x 10, High x 10, Sarkozy x 10, L leg up x 10, High x 20
  • Protractor x #many

Time to take it to the house!

Run 0.6 miles back to starting point, with exercises along the way:

  • CDD x 20
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges x 20
  • 4-count Mericans x 10 (i.e., 20 total Mericans)


  • Strong work by the Pax today, good job adapting to the conditions
  • Memorial Day Murph at 7am Pullen. No other workouts that day.