The tweet Monday night said it all. You want a job? Come to work. And work we did. Turns out, that tweet was only “paving” the way to what would happen this morning. Gitya some popcorn, settle back, and read on:

Ma Bell awoke at 0524. Stoopid alarm didn’t go off. In what M. Ma Bell would later recount as a volley of curse words, Ma Bell sprang from the fartsack, straight to the closet where the carefully arranged wardrobe lay, slipped it on, ran downstairs, threw on some shoes, went to the can, solved world hunger, grabbed the keys, jumped in BFT, and cranked some Led Zeppelin. Cruised into Thomas Brooks Park with plenty of time for fist bumps all around and a little stretching. Whew!

Jog up to the top of the parking lot, around and back down the other side, circling up right behind BFT. Huh…

  • 25 x SSH IC
  • 15 x slooooow merkins IC. Hold it…
  • 15 x Plank Jacks IC (you shoulda been there, Burt. But you weren’t, so….). Hold it…
  • 5 proper 4-count Merkins IC
  • 15 (I think) Hillbillies IC

Hey, Callahan, would you please drop the tailgate on BFT? Wait, what is that, pavers? How did they get there? Whatever. Grab 2 and follow me.

The Thang
Jog up to the upper soccer field with your pavers, find the open gate with the PAX help and line up on the goal line, or end line, whatever you euro-wannabes call it. It’s 120 yards from goal/end line to goal/end line? What the….? OK, so goalie box line (or whatever) to goalie box line is 100 yards? OK, good.

Run 100 yards with pavers 10x and people’s chair when done. 10 count down the line. Hold those pavers out in front of you

Find the 20 yard line. What, there’s only an 18 yard line? What the…? Run the approximately 80 yards 8x and plank it out when done. Various plank-o-rama type moves folllowed by some paverkins

I give up on trying to find 60 yards, but we found some random line and guesstimated it to be 60 yards. So run it 6x and squat hold when done. 10 x 4-count squat pulses

40 yards-ish. Run it 4x and plank it out when done for a 10 count down the line and some plank-o-rama.

20 yards-ish. Run it 2 x and plank it out when done. 5 pavurpees OYO

Follow me back down to the shelter for the following (all with pavers in hand)

  • 15 x Dips IC
  • 20 x Alternating L/R Step-Ups IC
  • 10 x T-Bags IC
  • Repeato the set

Jog back to BFT, put the pavers back, and meet me at the basketball court. Line up on the sideline and run to other sideline 10x, then circle up for


  • 10 or so Hello Dollys IC
  • 10 or so low slow flutters IC
  • 10 penalty burpees OYO for Franklin missing YHC’s name on Monday’s Franklinaversary BB

Count-a-rama – 18 (2 respects, 16 mehs)
Announcements – Sky Blue goes in for his MRI today. Otherwise, slow time of year
Prayer Requests – Swag’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Please keep her in your prayers; all of our injured brethren (Shut-In, Cee-Lo, Sky Blue, Flip Flop)
BOM – Ma Bell took us out

I’ll leave it to Callie