Good group of 7 for a site Q led workout this morning. Some new faces in the group led to some good fellowship during the workout. We weren’t supposed to run or climb stairs but Mayhem quickly ruined that idea. No FNGs.

Warm-up – Mayhem

Quick run around the lot.

SSH x 20, GM x 15, Mtn climbers x 15, Sir Fazio R/L x 15 each, Merkin x 15, Burpees x 10

Indian run out entrance to Glen Eden. Down Glen Eden, left on Parklane to the parking deck. So much for not running…. Mayhem does not listen to Dingo.

Up the stairs to the top of the parking lot…

5-10-15-10-5 across the parking lot

Exercises were: Burpees and sumo squat jump

Pass over to Dingo

4 minutes of Tabata – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Exercises were: spiderman merkin, alternating lunges, hammers, burpees

run to the end of the deck and back.

Repeat tabata.

Run back to parking lot for Mary.


Flutters x 20, LBC x 20….done.

Announcements – Quiet group today. Sign up to Q here and everywhere.

Prayer requests – none spoken.

Mayhem prayed us out.

Always a pleasure.