Cletus started early this AM. Sleeveless began at 0500 with a PAX of 8 gathered under the shelter to dig into the word, Que’d by Slide Rule. Crazy Ivan and FIA started there body pumps at 0530. There was a slight breeze and some drizzle to keep things cool at first but YHC was sure to get the PAX warmed up quickly. 0545, no FNG’s, PAX of 19 and blast off!

Q took PAX for a jog (silent J) down to the lower parking lot with lights. Once we entered the lot we went into high knees. At mid-way switch to butt kickers, on back side carioca switching at half way point. Then circle up for warms ups.

Warm Ups
SSH x25
One legged burpees x5 each leg
Slalom x20
Upper body stretches

Thing 1
PAX grab some curb. Irkins on the curb with nipplers at a 1:4 ratio. Finished up at 10 irkins 40 nipplers all together on Q’s count.

Thing 2
Each man grabs a parking space white line for both sides of parking lot. From the curb side, do quick feet over the white line, then do butt down slides to start of next white line for more quick feet. Tap the curb on the other side of lot and reverse it all the way back. When you return, do 5 burpees. Repeat the lines from curb to curb and back then 4 burpees, etc. down to 1 burpee.
Once completed, AMRAP Freddy Mercury’s. Once all was complete, QIC called FM’s x10 IC.

Thing 3
Not sure what to call this exercise but Q came up with Dog Pissing Donkey Kicks. Down on knees and elbows. Raise right leg out then together, then kick back and back down to start. That’s one IC. Do x10 each leg for 3 rounds.

Thing 4
Line up on parking lines length of parking lot. Bear crawl to each line increasing merkin reps. Line 1 gets 1 merkin, 2nd line 2 merkins…10th line gets 10 merkins. Plank hold when done.

Thing 5
Partner Up – Wheelbarrow to each parking line and do 5 merkins. Total of 5 lines for 25 total merkins in wheelbarrow position. Switch partners. QIC ran out of material so improv came into play. Partner carry across 5 lines stopping at each line for 1 partner squat. Switch and come back. QIC asked Slide Rule, for choice of wheelbarrow or partner squats for last round since he was one of many wearing a vest. His choice was quickly partner squats.

0615 and Crazy Ivan PAX of 5 was joining the fun for Mary.
Partner up still for push downs. 1 guy on his 6 grabbing other guys ankles (not looking up). 6 inch hold and pull legs upward while partner pushes legs back down. x10 reps for 3 rounds.
Exaggerated Low Slow Flutter x20 IC
Straight into LSF x20 regular
Box Cutters x20
Windshield Wipers x15
Heels to Heaven x15
Finished up with circle plank 5 count around the horn.

Verse : 1 Thessalonians 5:15
See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.

Count off, then name-o-rama
Announcements: Runs and events coming up.
Prayer Request: Crab legs, babies coming, little boy with brain tumor, unspoken ones

Great work on the chesticles today men! Will get back to more running soon. Always an honor to lead this group of men in the gloom.

BS Out!