The usual 4 PAX stood on top of the parking deck at 0445… Floyd decided to poke the sleeping bear and ask Riggs and Flying J about Cleveland sports – this clearly derailed our workout by a bit… Out from the elevator came a friendly (but unknown) face wearing an F3 Area 51 shirt (Passport). Knowing that we had to represent F3Durham, we quickly (although incompletely) gave up Cleveland sports talk and got to work

Yog, SSH, little baby arm circles, windmills, IWs, stretching

Stairs pyramid:
7 flights, 10 merkins
6 flights, 10 carolina dry docks
5 flights, 10 burps
4 flights, 10 burpees
3 flights (single leg hop), 10 knee-up merkins
2 flights (bear crawl), 10 scorpion merkins

Merkin suicides:
Run to first concrete pillar (10 yards?) – 1 merkin – Run back
Run to second pillar – 2 merkins – run back
you see the pattern here… 10 pillars – 10 merkins – run back

Random circuit:
15 dips, 10 box jumps, 5 seconds balls 2 wall with a handstand pushup – repeato

freddie mercuries, 6″ leg raise, hello dollys, LBCs, WW2s


– it was great to see Passport this morning… definitely dedicated… best of luck to M.Passport
– If you ever want to see Flying J get hot and bothered, bring up cleveland sports
– The Mule: 10/5… be there
– In case anyone is interested… F3 Vancouver (or as I’m calling it, the “couv”) will commense this Saturday morning at 0700 and will continue daily through next Wednesday