19 Pax awoke early to challenge the True Grit Mountain Goat Challenge. Well more like a really steep hill.

Warmup:  SSH*15, High Knees*15, Good Mornings *15, Merkins *20, R staggered Merkins*15 then L for another 15.  Burpees*15

Backward Hill jog followed by lunge walk for 25 yards and then bear crawl another 25 yards.

Mountain Goat Jacob’s Ladder (always wanted to try this).  Pair up.  One goes up and does escalating burpees (1st round 1 burpee then 2nd round 2 burpees).  Partner does continuous Mary of choice.  Flap Jack for 7 rounds. Everyone except Bob Villa and Yo-Yo team found this challenging.

Grab some rocks for axe swings L and R *10 each side. Supine 6 inch leg hold with rock held up for 8 sec count around circle.  Over head rock press *15, Bicep rock curl *20, plyo merkins *15.

COT:  Special prayer for Abacus family with recent death in family.  Special call out to all the recent victims in Washington, Naval Yard.

Don’t forget the Mule next week.  It will be an experience you can’t miss