22 Pax (1 FNG) showed up to ring in the first workout of Fall at NH.  “Fall” was the operative word as they stumbled down and up Sissyphus and around the streets of North Hills on a dark Monday morning

The Thang:


SSH x25, Good Mornings x25, Mountain Climbers x25

Q Nemo:

Split into 3 lines, Indian Run up Davidson St., Bear Crawls up Hyde St., Indian Run back to park

Baseball Field: Pair up, partner 1 planks while partner 2 sprints foul line to foul line, 5 Burpees, returns, switch.  Repeat 4-3-2 burpees per set

Q Peak Week:

Jog down Sissyphus, split into 3 groups, jog back up Sissyphus

Too dark for box jumps, so bear crawl around parking lot island to gently exfoliate palms

To tennis courts, pair up- suicides while partner planks, switch, repeat x4

Balls to wall x25, People’s chair x25, Balls to wall x25, People’s chair x25


LBC’s x20, Hello Dolly’s x20, Freddie Merc’s x20, Russian American Hammers x30



Mule Oct 5th

City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon November 3rd