5 pax met in the still-wet parking lot of the Eddie Smith Field House to start the week right. Finding our go-to field locked (to protect the artificial turf from the ravages of being jogged on after a rain, YHC supposes), we headed out to enjoy a cornucopia of sites around America’s greatest campus, each seemingly designed to be used for some serious down PAINment. Enough yakking, let’s get to it!

The Thang:

SSH x 30
Arm Circles x 12 each way
Windmill x 12
Imperial Walker x 20
Willy Mays Hayes x 12
Mountain climbers x 20
Slow Squat x 12

Recover on the run to Ehringhaus Field (.5 miles)

Two rounds of Usain Bolts (pax line up on one end of the field, first man calls an exercise and sprints the full length of the field and back while rest of the pax knock out the exercise, once he’s back second man calls exercise, sprints and repeato). Exercises called include:

Merkins/Squat Hold
Freddie Mercury
Slow Merkins
Super Slow Merkins
8-count Man Maker
Plank Hold

Recover on the run to the Bell Tower parking lot, stopping for dips along the way near Rams Head

Sprint up the parking deck steps (7 flights)

Burpee Suicides on the top deck (5/5/5/5/5/5/6 = 36 total)

Pullups x 10 at the top of the stairs, then down

Recover on the run back to the IM fields, stopping for Merkins along the way. Propane, having posted late, found us there after a long running search.

Mary smokefest (led by Dunphy) at the IMs. YHC has blocked it out but hazy memories of 60-count leg lifts, Rocky Balboas and other painishment.



– Big Tclaps to Fast Eddie, posting on the regular after coming off a damn night shift every time. Aye brother, that’s awesome.

– Tclaps to Dunphy for his first taste of the Q, came strong with a killer set of Mary. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us at Rameses this week.

– The pax wish our man Shooter the best as he’s encamped at the U.S. Open, covering the event with his signature wit and institutional knowledge. You can find his coverage of the Open the The Pilot’s “Open Daily” site.

– The pax continues to grow but the more the merrier – keep headlocking and getting guys out. You know they’ll thank you for it.