PAX of 8 pushed their limits this AM, conquering 6.5 miles of hills at round 2 of Packs for the Pax — an event with all the fun of the Triple’s burritos combined with the zaniness of the Forge Awards.  The awards (unopened packs of 1990s baseball cards) were given to top performers, which today, included everyone!  The gimmicky awards show, which for the second time in a row fell completely flat (c’mon, folks love gimmicks! burritos! paper plates!), shouldn’t overshadow the tremendous effort this AM.  Everyone gave it their all in hot, humid conditions.  Well done.

The Thang (No Man Left Behind Style):

Set 1 (Coppherhead)

  • Top of hill to beginning of bridge and back
  • Top of hill to end of bridge and back
  • Top of hill to the bottom of hill and back

Set 2 (other hill on the other side of 40)

  • Top of hill to beginning of bridge and back
  • Top of hill to end of bridge and back
  • Top of hill to water fountain (at the top of another hill) and back

Set 3 (Horton Street)

  • Bottom of hill to Martin entrance and back
  • Bottom of hill to fire hydrant and back
  • Bottom of hill to top of hill (Ridge Road), ending at Martin entrance

The Awards

Upper Deck Awards (for best effort — packs of either ’90 or ’91 Upper Deck)

  • Layover
  • Sunshine
  • Joule
  • Maize

Ultra Award (for ultra runner we would want on our BRR team — ’92 Fleer Ultra)

  • Denali

Topps Award (for the top performer of the day — ’89 Topps and ’91 Topps Stadium Club)

  • Michelob

Strong performances by all who showed today.  A few highlights:

  • Michelob: Great to have him back at Hi-Fidelity!  Damn this guy is fast!  He really pushed all of us this morning.
  • Sunshine: Wore inappropriate shorts (again).
  • Joule: Now officially a Hi-Fidelity regular, he keeps getting faster and faster.  A proven Go Ruck champion; BRR champion is next.
  • Denali:   An average/decent/OK runner…alright, credit must be given where it’s due  YHC boldly declared Denali the “winner” of Hi-Fidelity…but that was last week.  Can he retake top honors next week as Hi-Fidelity Q?  Perhaps only if he keeps his promise to one-up YHC by bringing post-workout mimosas and/or orange Gatorades with vodka.
  • Maize:  Solid as always.  Already ready to dominate BRR again this year.
  • Layover: Love the positive attitude and the thumbs up, with a smile, while running up Horton.
  • Mr. Biggelsworth: The guy sprints to and from Hi-Fidelity every week.  Impressive.