As YHC was resting on the Sabbath with the M and 2.0’s, the old Twitter buzzed to remind of his impending Q at Eastbound.  No sooner had YHC set his device down than it buzzed again, though this time it was F3 Raleigh’s favorite smack spewer, O’well (R removed from name after his last bout with mouth diarrhea).  He made some reference to YHC’s large promise but lack of content in his workouts.  To this YHC challenged old manure mouth to join the pax at EB to judge in person instead of from his couch, where he likely sat in his 1984 gym sweats with a box of Twinkies.  As was the case after his spewing last week, YHC guessed that this F3 brother would again lack the cojones to show for the work.  The brisk gloom would reveal who’s words were empty.

YHC made it a few minutes early to the AO, and soon the pax grew to 14.  With no fng’s in the circle, YHC made a quick introduction for those who may have forgotten his name, and called the day to order.  With the temps in the low 30’s and no idea of what the work would look like for the day, YHC called for some #Boxjumpyoga to start things off and begin to formulate a plan.

The Thang:

Warmups: SSH, IW’s, GM’s, SNGFAC’s, warm!

Head to the picnic shelter for a quick round of L/R step-ups and Derkins, 3 rounds, x20, x15, & x10

Follow YHC to the concrete path between the parking lot and Wingate drive.  Suicides on the next 5 poles to the top, 5 Merkins at each pole.  After the first round YHC determined a better route, move 1 pole up to start, so equal # of poles on each side of the starting point.  Double suicides, with called work at each stop, half of pax one way, half the other, meet back in the middle when done with each set. Round 1 x 10 squats, round 2 10 WWII’s, round 3 5 Merkins.  Break in the field for (one of) YHC’s signature moves, LBC pyramid to 30 and back.  Back to the double sucides, I think we did 3 more rounds, but YHC only remembers the work from the last, x 5 Burpee’s at each pole, this was really the equalizer for the day.  As some pax was quicker than others, YHC delegated a pax in the front to call work in the middle while waiting for all pax to finish each round.

Back to the parking lot for YHC’s second signature move, Dirty Bird (I’m not that strong a swimmer to Aupair) x20, #niceworkladies .  We finished it off with an EB favorite, Have a Nice Day, think on how you can serve your loved ones today and honor God by doing so.



A little lite smack talked on the #invisiblepost of O’well, then YHC made the call for those who haven’t Q’d to be willing to step up and do so, and for pax to push them that way either softly or with a swift foot, as each situation called for.  Mustard Chili Onions grabbed his first Q as we talked, same bat time same bat place next week at EB. Great report from Mancrush on his mom’s progress, though not done she is having more good days than bad ones and feels the prayers for her.  Not out of the woods completely but there is light to be seen.  Prayers for Manram’s father and his head injury, updates here .  Name-o-rama and closing prayer by VV.

The Skin:

Great work to start the week!  YHC is always a little nervous going into a Q, but with some time of prayer on the way to the AO the nerves usually settle down.  Great crowd this morning, as with many sites, regulars usually make up the bulk of this site while wild cards fill in the rest.  It was chilly so as expected the crowd was a little low.  We had some runners in the house so YHC knew we’d have to keep the work centralized but at a good pace to keep all either running or complaining.  The mumble chatter was a good level, and the fellowship was continued at Starbucks afterwards.   On to O’well, he has stuck his size 7 in his mouth a few times recently, and when he pulls it out, he sure thinks he’s funny.  The mornings work would have been a little much for our elder brother from Whiteville, and I’m sure he knew that and so in-turn didn’t show.  Make sure to keep an eye out the old fellow and his minivan with his trusty sidekick Beau, they have a special relationship.  He’s likely sporting his new grey cotton sweat suit straight out of the 1984 coaches collection from Russell Athletics.  If your fortunate enough to see him at a workout, take some time to visit with him at the back of the pack, he likely needs some encouragement.  All joking aside, I enjoy a little smack talking on the Twitter, it usually makes for some good mumble chatter in the morning, though usually both parties are there to debate said smack.  Orwell takes it as well as he dishes it too, I’m thankful to call him a brother!  See you in the gloom soon.