17 Pax members showed up to run some hills and see if they could add to their baseball card collections (last week boyz…that was so last week). YHC saw only familiar faces so no disclaimer was provided and away we went.

Mosey to the bottom of Horton:

Circle up – GM, IW, and Windmills

Horton Hill

* Run up Horton five (5) times to the entrance of Martin Middle – Nice start.
Finish at the base of Copperhead

Copperhead to NCMA

* Run up Cooperhead, over the 440 bridge and down to the first bridge within the NCMA. Run back up to 440 and down Cooperhead then back up to the middle of the 440 bridge.
Plank for a twenty count

Run from the bridge on Cooperhead

* Up Cooperhead and then down to Horton. From Horton, run up to the school entrance and back to the base of Horton.

Final push up Horton

* Run halfway up the hill and then back down. Turn around and run up to the entrance of the parking lot.

Mary – Six inch leg hold around the circle – Six count.


Naked Moleskin:

-Orange drink. Per Munson, nobody with any self respect likes Orange Gatorade (He might not have said it like that but it makes for a better story). YHC enjoys the Orange Gatorade and actually buys that option from the store. No self respect here. Regardless, we had drinks in honor of Munson’s new son, William, after the work-out. Welcome to parenthood friend!
-Speaking of drinks, Mr. Bigglesworth does not care for Vitamin water. Dirty dishwater my friends. Ha.
-E-Trade ran out in front the whole time and gets the top honors for the hills. He did sleep eleven hours the prior night so that helps the body get ready for the Hi-Fi hills.
-Enron got a new watch. YHC and Flava Flav are upset about that news. Enron was battling Flav with the size of his “clock” but now has moved on from HAL 9000. Sad day.
-Michelob ran 22 times up and down SissyFuss on Sunday. Ridiculous.
-Pergo wears a “Running Sucks” T-shirt to a running work-out. Well done!


The link for The Sasquatch was requested:


Mr. Bigglesworth’s in-laws and YHC’s mother-in-law. All are in declining health.

YHC referenced Colossians 3:19 this AM. Paraphrasing a study we did at The Forum on Monday but males are born and men are made. Encouraging each of you to strive to be the best fathers and husbands you can be to your family!

Always an honor to lead the men of F3!