For some reason, My Boy Blue declared today to be Opposite Day.  As such, it was old school out there this morning.  White Shoe, Chong, Money Hose, Fungo, T Square, Sproles, Conroy among other PAX.  Men among men.  Those guys worked their *sses off and showed the rest of us how it’s supposed to be done.  T-claps.  Thunderous t-claps.

We went with a Judge! theme because, well, Monday and Thursday are opposites, and The Judge! is OTB while Zero Hour is ITB.  Or something like that.

Warm up was a tour of the course.  Partner up and run from parking lot towards the back lot, stopping at the first speed hump (that’s what the sign says) for 5 burpees, and then alternate wheelbarrows until reaching the next speed hump, 5 more burpees.  Keep running towards the back parking lot, stopping at the first light post for 10 partner derkins (each partner), run length of parking lot, then 10 more partner derkins.  From there, 4 corners beside the tennis courts (15 each of squat, LBC, Freddie, hand slap merkins).  Down to where we started for 20 burpees per team.

Each team got in 3 rotations, 4 if you count the warm-up.  We finished with some suicides/BTTW/Peoples Chair stuff on the tennis courts.

MARY was 20 low slow flutters.


-Fazio keeps getting older.  Seems like he was 44 just yesterday.  Now he’s 48ish.

-If Chong had actually showed up, we would have had even numbers.  Never rely on Chong.

-Good to see King David back out there.  It’s more fun with him hobbled because he hangs back with the more moderately paced PAX.

-As far as I’m concerned, today counts towards the Five Points Triple.

-As always, a pleasure to be out there with you people.