Dingo and Mayhem officially passed the Dawn Patrol flag to YHC and Pigpen on Thursday.  We’re on patrol now.  Huge thanks to both men for their leadership at this AO.  This was supposed to happen in September, but well it didn’t and November is good enough!  New playground, new leadership, the timing was right.  16 Pax showed up for the shift change, with some early uncertainty and mumble chatter due to Vector Victor’s post.  Was this now a super high intensity work out?  As much as YHC could make it for 45 minutes….


Warm Up

Quick parking lot jog…GoodMorning X 10…Fazio Circles X 10 both ways…SSH X 25…Burpees OYO X 5…5 extra Good Mornings

Partner up for Main Event

— Mosey to the adjustable basketball court (it’s circle shape is a nice anchor point).  Partner 1 runs the freshly paved loop around the park (~1/4 mile).  Partner 2 AMRAPs a called exercise. Flapjack and plank when all return…

Round 1: Sumo Squats

Round 2: WWIIs

Round 3: Squat Jumps

Round 4: Dying Cockroaches

Round 5: Lunges

Round 6: 5 Merkins and 10 LBCs on repeat

A few other things were sprinkled in; some Aquamen, Chilcuts, Partner Clap Merkins, Partner Derkins, Mountain Climbers, etc…


— Unguided walking tour through the new playground for Pax to familiarize and get ideas for their next Q here.  SIGN UP!


— 25 count of Dips on the new picnic tables under the shelter


Mary: Q’d by Pigpen

Freddy Mercuries…Dying Cockroaches…Box Cutters…LBCs…Merican Hammers…maybe something else but can’t remember



-No Dawn Patrol on Thanksgiving: workout options are 6am NC Art Museum, 7am Carroll Middle School, or 8am Turkey Trot (meet at 745am at Cashpoints ATM)

-F3 Holiday Party: Monday 12/19, Little City Brewing, 400 W North St, 6:30-8:30pm, full cash bar, probably more details to follow

-Sign up to Q everywhere

Prayer Requests:

-None spoken

Dingo took us out graciously.  Thanks for the words, and again, thanks to you and Mayhem for your work at this site.  It’s an honor to be asked to take on this task.
Thanks for showing this morning, it was a pleasure to lead.  See you soon.