Old Man Rock & Roll


A beautiful (well, OK, it was misty and 58) Saturday morning dawned and 16 pax showed up to do some R&R’ing with YHC.


No FNG’s and with our air git-fiddles at the ready, we took off.


Warm Up


Run to the upper parking lot for the tuning session:


SSH x 20

GM’s x 20

SFAC’s x 15 (both directions)

5 Burpees OYO

WM’s x 15

MC’s x 15….hold that for…

Standard Merkins x 20


The Thang


We moseyed on down to the track for the main set:




1 x 800 Indian run

Diamond Merkins x 20

Prisoner Squats x 20


1 x 400

Hand-release Merkins x 20

LBC’s x 20



Standard Merkins x 20

Box Cutters x 20






Head to the rock pile, pick a friend (some guys are just choosier than others) and hit the basketball court


Pyramid of 5 exercises in reps of 4, 8, 12, 16, 12, 8 , 4 (clearly, we were in 4/4 time, for you music nuts out there)




Squat press

Jack knife (OK, I don’t know if that’s a name – lay flat on back, feet raised in front 6” off ground, hands straight back over head, with rock, at same height – raise hands & feet to meet at top)

Dan Jansens (we put the rocks down for this one, but this one only)

Triceps Extensions


After the 16 rep set…1×400

After the final set…1×400


We should note that here that some ladies showed up during our sets and were clearly impressed by Capt Kangaroo’s & Elmer Fudd’s Dan Jansen technique – hard to blame them.


Also, while running our several laps, Munson, enjoying his virgin Catalyst post, showed us what hard work on the track and in Umstead gets you…he led every lap and looked impressive doing it. On most (or all – I was too far back) he was followed closely by Suarez (YHC’s 15 yr old 2.0).


On the last lap, however, Munson looked up to realize that Suarez was now out in front. Being the determined young man he is, and cheered on by the pax, he endeavored to catch young Suarez, but it was simply not to be. Sorry, Munson, even you are old to someone.


We returned to the basketball court to finish with some mary…


Hammers x 20

Homer to Marge x 15

Dying Cockroach x 15




No announcements, but Dice relayed a very tough story of a death recently at a Y Guides Spring Outing – 38 yr old dad suffered cardiac arrest and passed away.


This tragedy brings into focus the need for all of us to get CPR certified. Tony Robbins & Dice are collaborating to bring that to the Pax. Look for a sign up in the near future and do it.


Lots of silent prayers but none spoken this morning…we know you’re out there.


Steroid closed us out strongly.


It’s an honor to lead the pax and a ton a fun to test yourself and, hopefully, everyone else. Just when you think you’re getting too old for this, you see Flush just rocking & rolling at 59. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.