Due to the mud run being today, our pax numbers were down to 5, including one FNG.

#NoShovelFlag as it was being presented at the mud run. QIC had a Circle of Rocks instead.

Disclaimer was given (thanks to Moonshine).


Good Mornings x 10

Arm Circles x 19 (you shoulda seen the questioning looks from that one)

Moroccan Nightclubs x 21

Mountain Climber (Cadence) x 25

SSH x 30

Rock Curls x 10

Tricep Extensions x 10

Shoulder Presses x 10

QIC loves those wet rocks that can be found in the water fountain… they make for fun times with tricep extensions.


The Thang:

Pax then ran to the bowl, throwing in a few squats along the way.

11s then ensued: Burpees (10) on one side, and Imperial Lunges (1) on the other side. This continued until it was Burpees (1) and Imperial Lunges (10). Faster Pax got extra credit by finishing the last few rounds with slower pax. #ISI


Pax then ran to the local school building where the following ensued in cadence:

People’s Chair x 100

Sumo Squats x 10

Dirkins x 10

Irkins x 10

Windmill x 10

BTTW x 20


The Pax then sprinted to a small gravel parking lot where sprints ensued: 1 Merkin for each trip, and 2 Squats for every Merkin at opposite sides. Quicker Pax held Plank or Squat until remaining Pax arrived. That happened 3 times. Due to time, QIC had a final round of sprints with 10 Merkins and 20 Squats respectively.


On the jog back to the Circle of Rocks, Pax performed 10 Squats for each pedestrian that was seen, and if said pedestrian had a dog, it was 10 Burpees instead. QIC was slightly disappointed there were only one of each.


5 MoM:

After sprinting to the Circle of Rocks, Casey Casem busily started spilling merlot. While he was thus occupied, other Pax performed:

LBC x 10 (Cadence)

American Hammers x 20

WWII Sit-Ups x 10

Casey Casem rejoined us here.

Navy Seal Sit-Ups for 3 Minutes. If Pax knew nothing else about today’s workout, they knew that would be there…




Agoge Mondays 0545

Excaliber Thursdays 0545

Q School (Sometime in May)


Prayer Requests:

Those in the Mud Run (safety)

Moonshine’s job situation and medication

Chimichanga’s(FNG) family situation

Casey Casem’s house sale

Casey Casem took us out.


Naked Moleskin:

Chimichanga had a strong showing for a first time. Looking forward to seeing him again, possibly at Agoge as well. Looking forward to seeing all the Pax back next week!