Vests: Skidmark, Cauliflower

Double Downs: Deadbolt, Emeril, Skidmark



1 lap around the soccer field. Return to flags and do SSH x10, Imperial Walkers x11, and Hillbillies x12

Route 66 Workout:

Indian run to the far parking lot near Stinson
Route 66s up Stinson towards Grigsby. 1 Burpee at first light post, Run to 2nd light post two Burpees, 3rd post 3 Burpees, etc up to 11 for a total of 66 Burpees (1st F Fitness). Do Route 66 back to the beginning doing patty cake merkins (2nd F Fellowship). Route 66 back towards Grigsby doing Prayer Squats (3rd F Faith)


Mosey to the tennis courts. 20 cadence count Parker Peters, 20 cadence count Peter Parker, and 10 count real back planks.


Mother’s Day Sunday, Run the Quay June 2, F3 Picnic at Harris Lake June 9


Crablegs, FedEx’s Friend/neighbor, community member that was hit on a bike