10 PAX started the morning with over 2 miles of Extra Credit.  At 5:45 those 10 and 6 more (+ 1 dog) took off for the workout.  After the initial PC warmup lap we lost a PAX to the old Bubble Belly as Slide Rule darted (sharted) to his car to make a beeline for home and his toilet. The rest of the PAX took on the workout below.

Welcome to FNG Latte – Java’s dog.

EC:  Emeril, 187, CHiPS, Nemo, Mookie, UTI, Lipstick, Deadbolt, Slide Rule, Bernie

Vests: N/A

HC Fartsacks:  Probably M4L. Who knows with this guy anymore.

Excuse lexicon addition: Probably something allergy, toilet or sleep related

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog – Karaoke, Curb Step-Ups, backwards up ramp, finish with Imperial Walker walks

½ Mile Jog – x30 Fazio Arm Circles + variety of stretches, x10 Imperial Squats, x10 each Good Mornings and Windmills

The Workout

Tennis Courts 11’s – Squats and Merkins

To the guardrails 30 Tricep Dips


1 partner runs in the short direction and the other partner does Balls 2 the Wall. Swap. Repeat

1 partner runs in the short direction and the other partner does Preachers Chair.  Swap. Repeat

Bear Crawl up the hill


On the run

First Corner  – x20 – Freddie Mercuries

Top of Ramp – x10 – Feet on wall crunches, Leg over knee crossovers, and Homer to Marge

Bottom of Ramp  – Protractors

Jail Break to bball courts

x20 Pickle Pounders

Finish with stretches

Prayers for Emeril/CHiPS neighbor, Crablegs

Verse: Philippians 4:13