A good group showed up this morning for what would be a fun but challenging workout. Two FNGs were on hand and we were going to make sure that they received a warm welcome. After some light chatter and a quick time check we got to work.

Warm Up
30 SSH
30 Arm Circles
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Mirkins
10 Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang
We started with a run around the block to the back parking lot where the fun and pain began. There in the middle of the parking lot the PAX saw two strange objects which sparked curiosity so a few curious members moved in for a closer look. The two objects turned out to be a pair of oversized dice constructed by Goat Cheese. Word spread quickly through the group and much speculation about the following events took place. On one die were the numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 5 , and 10 and on the other die were the exercises that consisted of mirkins, LBC, burpees, WWII, squats, and dry docks. Yanni and Goat Cheese explained how the game ‘Oh Craps’ was going to be played. We were to circle up around the dice and 2 PAX members at a time would enter the circle and roll the dice and we would perform the exercise in the amount that the dice landed on. The game started and the PAX quickly learned that the combination of 20 burpees was an all too real and suspiciously too often occurrence. Yanni and Goat Cheese had to assure the PAX that the dice were not loaded, however some PAX members wanted to inspect the dice when it was all said and done.

After many rounds of Oh Craps and a total of 95 burpees and tons of the other exercises were completed we moved on to the wall of dips were we knocked out 30 dips. After the dips the PAX were instructed to get into dirkin position where we performed a dirk-o-rama going down the line holding dirkin while each member banged out 5 dirkins. Upon completion we hit another round of dips and the PAX was spent. Time was up and we ran back to circle up in the main parking lot.

Plank-O-Rams with 5 mirkins
One wise guy informed the group that we were only 5 burpees away from 100 and that it would haunt us forever if we did not complete what we started, so we did just that.

Welcomed two new FNGs with the names Drop Shot and Foreclosure.

Special thanks to Goat Cheese for constructing the Oh Craps dice!