16 PAX jumped on the MARTA train!

Bear crawl to top of lower parking lot
Tom Quixotes (long slow windmill)
Imperial walkers
Arm circles including bonus round of fwd/rev in low squat hold position

The Thang
BSMFRs (because halfway thru you’ll be saying this is BS and calling the QIC an MF’r)

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) for 30 sec of each of 5 exercises in succession with 10 sec transition between each exercise = 3min 10sec per round. 1 min recovery between each round.

Squat (air squat or prisoner squat)
Merkin (standard/wide grip/Carolina dry dock in successive rounds)
Flutter kicks or Freddie Mercury’s
Rando (different heavy metal in successive rounds):
Overhead squat with 15 LB bar
Squat thruster with 45 LB bar
Goblet squat with 50 LB KB
(QIC did KB swings – 35 LB each round)

Repeato x 7 rounds
Total time: just under 30 min

Around the world plank hold 10 count each man
Russian hammer
Mountain climbers