6 PAX braved the literal gloom (it was raining) for a Floyd inspired, Tobacco Road beatdown. Last week was canceled due to an active lightning storm so the Ode to Duke was pushed a week. It was possibly a little less timely than last week, but still ever so important. The purpose of today’s workout was not only to provide a good butt kicking to the PAX but to also pay homage to the difficult task of winning a national title. It is important not to take them for granted because Duke only wins them once every 5 years or so.

Warm Up:
SSH X 20
LBAC x 10
Backwards LBAC x 10
Good mornings x 10

The Thang:
Run to turf field (Charlotte, NC)

Game #1: Duke vs Robert Morris

1st Half
20 Tuck Jumps
22 SSH (Cadence)
25 Merkins

Halftime 42-25.
Coach K’s motivational speech: 10 Burpees

2nd Half
20 Tuck Jumps
23 SSH (cadence)
31 Merkins

Final Score: 85-56

Game #2: Duke vs San Diego St.

1st Half
20 Mountain Climbers
17 Peter Parkers
24 Carolina Dry Docks

Halftime: 37-24
Another motivational speech: 10 Burpees

2nd Half
20 Mountain Climbers
11 Peter Parkers
25 Carolina Dry Docks

Final Score: 68-49

Run to playground (Houston). Get a big rock from the pile.

Game #3: Duke vs Utah
Go to the “Library” and grab a “book” (rock) to study with.

1st Half
27 Top Shelf curls
22 Tricep curls

Halftime: 27-22
Coach K chews out the water boy: 10 Pull-ups

2nd Half:
36 Top Shelf curls
25 Tricep curls

Final Score: 63-57

Game #4: Duke vs Gonzaga

1st Half:
31 Kettlebell swings
26 Chest presses

Halftime: 31-26
Coach K chews out the assistant coach for face booking during the game: 10 pull-ups.

2nd Half:
35 Kettlebell swings
26 Chest presses

Travel to the wall (Indianapolis)

Game #5: Duke vs Michigan State

1st Half:
20 Wall jumps
16 Derkins
25 Dips

Halftime: 36-25
No motivation (time was tight)

2nd Half:
20 Wall jumps
25 Derkins
36 Dips

Final Score: 81-61

Championship Game #6: Duke vs Wisconsin (Mary)

1st Half:
31 Low slow flutters (cadence)
31 Heels to Heavens

Halftime: 31-31
No motivation: Time was tight.

2nd Half:
37 LBCs (cadence)
32 6″ leg raises

Props to all who braved the rain and to the Tarhole fans who had to relive the agony of the Duke championship run.

Next week: Bushwood has the Q. Pleather is the week thereafter.