The ground at Dawn Patrol was sloppy and muddy.  Remembering a recent talk with Wendell Gee, YHC knew we needed to respect the City of Raleigh fields so we stuck to the pavement.  There’s no better exercise on the pavement that some good old-fashioned merkins.  So we did a bunch of them.  No complainers in this group even with Epoxy and Costco keeping the chatter lively.  Here’s how it went:

Quick run around parking lot loop (at which point Costco noted “this isn’t much of a workout”)
50 single count merkins (no one wondering whether we would work out now).
Fazio arm circles – 15 each direction
Mountain Climbers x 25
Windmill x 25

Head to basketball courts
Line up on baseline of court 1 looking down at length of two full courts.
Partner up.
Partner one does suicides using length of both full courts while partner two does merkins.  When partner finishes suicides – flapjack. Keep going until you reach 200 merkins.  Ouch.
Do same thing with 100 star jumps.

There’s a cinderblock wall about 3 feet high along the courts.  With your partner holding your feet in a squat position, we plank walked the length of the wall (or most of it anyway).  This was something new at Dawn Patrol for YHC, maybe it worked, maybe not.  It was tiring though.

Run to bottom of long stairs near lower baseball field.
Stairbarrow x 2 for each partner with ten decline merkins at top.

Run to picnic shelter
4 count decline merkins x 15; 4 count dips x 15; four count decline merkins x 12, four count dips x 12; four count decline merkins x 8, four count dips x 8

Run to parking lot
Partner carry around loop of parking lot – doing 5 burpees each whenever flapjacking

Head back to basketball court and 3 foot wall
Decline merkins with feet on wall – 4 count x 15

LBCs x 30
Freddie Mercury x 30
American hammer x 30
Single count merkin x 40

Beaver took us out with style.

Great work by the PAX today.  Thanks for posting.