Run down to the track with an extra lap before warmup


SSH x 21

IW x 15

WMW x 10

BAC x 10(and reverse)

Body Squat x 10

Before the Thang, the PAX endured a merkin climber pyramid.  A lot of mumble chatter from this.

The Thang:

We used the 5(yes that is right) corners of the field.  We started with 10 cadence merkins, bear crawled to the next corner for 10 cadence mountain climbers, sprint to midfield for 10 cadence dips, sprint to the far corner for 10 cadence SSH, crab walked to the next corner for 10 burpees, and then sprinted to the last corner and planked.  So much fun was had, we decided to do that again and then again.  Most thought it was time for Mary, but she was not ready.  We needed to do a sprint around the track first.  Yours truly thought he could get a large head start on Assissi and Cardiac and look respectable.  That was not the case.


LBC x 15

Rocky Balboa x 15

Long slow(really slow) flutters x 15

ski jumps x 15

Hello Dolly x 15