The Spring Mud Run of 2015 is officially in the books, and what a great event it was.  Chalked full of fond memories, funny stories, some injuries here and there and, of course, tremendous fellowship.  We asked the Raleigh Mud Runners to send us their thoughts, stories, memories, etc. from the event so that we could compile into the backblast.  Much later in life when we are rocking on the front porch with our 3.0s, trying to describe to them this concept of #CSAUP and the events we really (honestly kids) did participate in once upon a time, such as paying money for the privilege of running 6 miles through the mud getting yelled at by Marines, we can reference this backblast for evidence.

First, though, the basics.  Zima and I want to thank all the Pax who participated and helped make the event such a success.  F3 Raleigh was very well represented both in terms of numbers and the results, and I know Charlotte is getting a little nervous about the future.  Once again, congrats to Dead End Panda (Cinderella, Yo Yo, Bob Vila and Denali) for their 3rd place finish overall and 2nd straight Nimble Panda trophy.  T-claps to all teams – this was a tough course with plenty of running, and everyone stepped up.

F3 Raleigh results

Overall F3 results

Official Mud Run results

Pictures from event

To get into the proper mood while reading the next bit, may I suggest turning on your speakers or putting on your headphones and listening to Gnard Dogg’s (with the Epoxy assist) Mud Run playlist.  What happened to #2LiveCrew ??!

Pre-Race / Bus Ride There

  • (Duff) As Q for the event, I thought it prudent to be the first one to arrive to meet the bus. Strolling along the Beltine at a comfortable 60-64 mph at 3:15am, I thought I’d be solo on the road. As it turns out, some headlights came roaring up behind me as I make my way onto the Crossroads exit. I figure anyone tailing me this close at 3:15 in the morning is either 1) an F3’er or 2) a drunk. Turns out it was the former, as High Life whizzes past me and does his best Andretti impression as he takes the sharp left turn back over I-440 at about 50-55 mph. As we get out of our cars in the parking lot, I compliment him on the fancy driving, and his response was a witty “Hey, that’s what a Beamer’s for right?!” #truth
  • (Duff & Zima) Not sure how many bus riders were aware of this, but we almost took out at least 15 cars going the opposite direction on I-95 or I-20 as Aaron, our driver, drifted left multiple times. I can only credit my leaning hard to the right for saving our asses.
  • (High Life) The No-Stand / No-Touchy sign in the bus bathroom.

The Race

  • (Gnard Dogg) Best anecdote we had other than Overdraft crushing his shin bone was on the second culvert obstacle.  High Life goes through first and the Marine gives him a mud splash across the lower extremities on the other end.  To which HL replies “Is that the best you can do?”  Angered by the obnoxious comment from this guy likely older than his dad, Marine decides to nail the next unsuspecting runner who comes through.  And thus yours truly gets an ear load of cow patty puree upside the head. Can’t wait for the ear infection to really settle in.
  • (Azul) I think the best story I will remember is when we began wading into one of the medium-length mud creeks. It was just shy of halfway through the race. After jumping in and wading in waist-deep water for maybe 12 feet, you had to climb over a branch that was maybe arm-thick. But on the other side was a big ‘ole hole that was probably 5 feet deep! Anyway, I held my hand on the branch to warn another non-Raleigh F3 brother behind me of it, and he bravely hopped right over it — and proceeded to rack his “twig and berries” right on that sucker! With a wind-bending howl, this dude made it known that he was not pleased. I felt bad but I couldn’t stop laughing at this poor dood.  Mud Run FNG advice = consider a cup
  • (High Life) Calling out the roots in the stream, tripping and face-planting anyway. Throwing dignity out the window pushing teammates’ asses through “The Weaver”. I think I may have crunched the Gnard Dog’s gnards when he had to sit on my shoulders.
  • (Zima) Kiper was a madman and the pace setter for 40PAK. We had no idea what to expect from this seemingly relaxed, laid back business owner before the race. Turns out Kiper’s plan was to attack the course with reckless abandon – diving headfirst into the mud, leaping into the river and mud tunnels with no regard of what obstacles lie in wait. An impressive performance to say the least.

Post Race / Bus Ride Back

  • (All) The Cook Out detour took about 30 minutes longer than it should have thanks to Aaron’s GPS, but all agreed that knocking back a double cheeseburger, cold fries and either a strawberry, chocolate or peanut butter shake was the perfect way to celebrate finishing the mud run.
  • (High Life) Epoxy ribbing of Vector Victor and Gutterball because of their peaceful repose in the back of the bus
  • (Duff) Aaron the bus driver’s reaction to hearing Air Supply followed by the 2 Live Crew on the playlist.
  • (All) Admiring Overdraft’s attempt to get attention #major(?)injury
  • (Zima) Epoxy distraught thinking they had lost to Gnard Dogg’s team. Me cutting Mr. Roger’s leg with the Nimble Panda trophy – his only injury in the race. Inventing the Strawberry Bloat – a Cook Out strawberry shake infused with Ranger IPA.

General Thoughts

  • (Candlestick) The Blue Brothers (we got band back together from last year) knocked 16 minutes off our time from last year. Tell me that F3 doesn’t improve fitness! It isn’t easier, you just got better. Also, we dragged Tiger who got his name in Charlotte and ran with Charlotte F3 with us on the bus. It was his first F3 Raleigh event. Hoping to wrangle him into a regular workout here in Raleigh so a BB mention would be help helpful. TIGER – we want to see you in Raleigh brother – post soon!
  • (Pergo) Before this mud run I had never been a participant in anything other than a 5k, which was tough before F3. This is and was a fun opportunity for F3 guys to bond and grow physically. However, it meant something different for me. It meant that I had now completed something I never thought possible. I know it might sound small or just a fun race, but to me it was a goal that I HAD to beat and reach. I hate that I felt I slowed my team down, but if it wasn’t for my team I would have gone slower and not have pushed myself as hard. I’m grateful to spend this memorable moment with my F3 brothers and look forward to many more accomplishments. Thanks for the encouragement F3 Raleigh.
  • (Epoxy) Oddly Rogers, Franzia, and me all had stomach bug on Monday. Presumably from stuff in the water??? Missed work today. Took cones to ZH for Myrtle this morning at 5:35, dropped and was like I feel terrible and left right before warmup. Got home and found out the other two had issues too. Barely made it home. Very odd.

Post other memories in the Comments section.

T-claps again to all Mud Runners and thanks for the opportunity to Q this event.  And if you haven’t done a Mud Run yet, plan on it next October.  Exact date yet to be determined.