Strong work today by six PAX going nearly five miles with some speed work at the end.  We ran through the old campus and returned for a sprint around the big loop behind the new library (not the significantly shorter, easier “Au Pair Loop” as it is now referred to at Wolf Run #burn, but rather the full loop). followed by a dash to our cars at the end.  YHC would have been quite fine with a slower pace today but the other 5 PAX wouldn’t allow it and couldn’t be slowed down, jumping out in front and taking the lead at various times, pushing the pace.  Well done.

COT / Announcements

Chavis Convergence tomorrow (4/18) at 7 AM.

Komen 5K is June 13.  Sign up for the F3 Raleigh team.

Getty took us out in prayer.

Following the run the PAX all agreed that Myrtle’s absence from a workout should automatically add positive points on any workout rating system, including the Myrtlemeter.