Spring has brought renewed spirit to Cletus and numbers are growing.  Two FNG’s were brought into the fold today and treated some Brokeback Merkin’s (credit to Yosef for the witty name).  Jogged over to opposite end of the half mile track and warmed up with 20 side shuffle hop, 10 good mornings, 20 crossover imperial walkers, 20 mountain climbers, 15 standard merkins

Partner up and run two laps around the parking lot with partners running in opposite directions for the laps.  Every two laps partners stop where the partners meet and each do partner derkins where one partner is in plank and the other puts feet on their back and does 15 derkins.  Repeat for five sets of 15 derkins and a total of 10 laps.

Jog over to amphitheatre for Balls to Wall-a-rama, 20 count balls to wall-20 LBC, 15 count balls to wall-20 count Ukrainian Hammers, 10 count balls to wall with inverted mountain climber – 15 count Ukrainian hammer.

Jog over to picnic shelter for round is sixes with push up burpees and box jumps (5&1, 4&2, …..)

Jog up to tennis courts for quick round of Mary and COT.  Welcome FNG’s Bronie and Roger Roger

Prayers for Bronie’s coworker who lost his father, Imp and Bret Michaels dealing with injuries, New Mexico’s son with asthma

Convergence tomorrow at Chavis Park, 7 am.  Army Fitness test Tuesday at South Park, bring stop watch