As many of you know, YHC has a soft spot in his heart for NASCAR – the cars, the fire suits, the driving in circles for hours on end… who wouldn’t love the “sport”. Beware – the math below is reminiscent of F3-9000.

Warm-up: yog to the quad “track” – Jimmie Johnson’s number is 48 –> 12 SSH, 12 IWs, 12 good mornings, 12 mountain climbers (with some arm circles and stretching mixed in)

Fact: Jimmie Johnson’s (JJ as I like to call him) favorite animal is the burpee and his favorite past time (outside of racing) is walking lunges – the group starts by bear crawling around the track – after a good long time, turn around and walking lunge back to the start – 6 burpees for his 6 championships – bear crawl to the center of the track, 6 burpees, walking lunge back

Yog it on over to the PAINground… but first.. since race cars don’t have backseats, 48 count people’s chair in memory of all those that couldn’t sit in the car… lil’ jons at the railing as well

4 pull-ups then 8 air-squats with a jump – 6 cycles

The PAINground is surrounded by a 200-300m rock, uneven “track” that served as our NASCAR track for the duration of the workout – each lap represented a championship, so ya gotta go fast – there were 6 runners and 1 rabbit – their job? catch and pass each runner – each runner passed meant more pain for the team while less pain for the rabbit (this is where the math started to get fuzzy… since i started to get tired)
First lap: 1 passed – 2006 – 6×1= 6 burpees for everyone
Second lap: 2 passed – 2007 – 7×2+7= 21 merkins for everyone
Third lap: 2 passed (was 3 but Flying J came back with a strong finish) – 2008 – 2×8….~ 20 peter parkers (JJ’s favorite superhero is spiderman)
Fourth lap: 6 passed (Timbuktu is a beast) – 6×9 (2009)…. ended up being 33 merkins for the group
Fifth lap: 4 passed – 2010 – 10×4=40+10=50 LBCs

Unfortunately, JJ didn’t win in 2011 and 2012 – we mosied over to the winning platform – 11 russian split squats on each leg to represent JJ stepping down in 2011 – and then 12 derkins for his lack of win in 2012

Sixth lap: 2 rabbits – 3 total passed – 2013… the math got real fuzzy at this point – 10 count bows/toes plank around the circle

Indian run back – eastside boyz mixed in


– Unfortunately Floyd wasn’t there today… I think he would have appreciated the creativity and math (or lack thereof)
– Strong work by the PAX today – we don’t often do speed work… this was tough
– Raleigh convergence for Thanksgiving 0700-0800 at Laurel Hills – a few Durham guys can’t make it out there… they’re meeting 0600 Herndon Park in south Durham at 0600
– Schwinn is a beast… his VO2 max ate mine for breakfast.
– Tclaps to Riggs for coming out then rounding… without showering….