Posted by White Shoe for Madoff, who, despite having regularly attended workouts for over a year, still has no access to the website.

We tested the limits of the mall cops’ patience this morning, and delved deep into the center of North Hills.

The Thang:

Indian Run around the back of the mall and back around to Starbuck’s.

Side shuffle hops – 20

Mountain climbers – 20

Windmills – 20

Merkins – 20

Run across Six Forks Road (no one killed) and down steps to first parking lot.

On parking spot curb things:

Mini jump-ups – 20

Alternating L/R step-ups –20


Jacob’s Ladder of burpees at the top of the hill, maxing at 5.

Running up and down on the odds.

On evens, bear crawl up and crab walk down.

Run over to the fountain by World of Beer.

Jump-ups – 10

Dips – 15

Decline merkins – 10


Run back over Six Forks (no one killed) and back over to Starbuck’s.  But wait, no, there’s too much time left. Run over to the other fountain near Mura.

Jump-ups – 10

Dips – 15

Decline merkins – 10

Back over to Starbuck’s for Mary.

LBCs – 50

Russian hammers – 25

Hello Dolly – 20

Rosalita – 20

Freddy Mercury – 30

Merkins – 20

Alternating oblique crunches – 50


Maize mentioned a push to get a Brier Creek workout started on January 1, 2014.  Contact MoneyHose for additional details.

Cinderella shared stories of progress at HopeBuilder.