[Pictured above: how YHC’s muscles feel right now]

SF was planted at the OEC for a fresh new beatdown in balmy 35 degree conditions. After running 2.91 miles last week, YHC focus on shoulders and abs this time around.

The Thang

Jog to church lot

SSH x 30

Merkin x 10

SSH x 20

Merkin x 15

SSH x 10

Partner Merkin x 20 (split up oyo)

Jog to grassy knoll

Bent Jacob’s Ladder:

At top: 20 LBC’s, 15, 10, 5

At bottom: 5 shoulder annihilators, 10, 15, 20



Jog to grassy field

Tunnels of love down and back x 2

Makhtar N’diaye x 10, reverse, x 10

Windmill x 10

Makhtar N’diaye x 10, reverse x 10

Imperial Walker x 20

Jog to OEC

Ball rolls: planked PAX on hill, ball rolls from top to bottom, bottom collects, runs to top, planks, restarts the ball. Ball rolls  x 15


Circle of Ball: Russian Hammers to pass ball around x 15

​LBC x 10

Rosalita x 10

Partner Merkin x 20 (split up oyo)

Low flutter x 10

Rosalita x 20

Dolly x 10

LBC x 20

*10 count*

LBC x 20

Plank-o-Rama. Everyone gets a 10 count


Tobacco Road tomorrow at Herndon Park. Be there for some Blue Devilry. They’re inventive! They have pavers. They have giant baseballs. They have Floyd.

Adolphus is Q for Bastille on Friday. Watch yo self.

There are still spots open for the Mud Run. Get in touch with team leaders or register as a free agent. Plans are in the works for a bus from the RDU area. Should be an absolute blast, even though Chong Li will probably sleep the whole way down. The man just isn’t energetic.

Great to see Earth Mover again. He brought the heat from Greenville yet again. We hope “in town for work” happens more frequently.

Carlton deserves a mention here. Posted for the first time last Thursday at Tobacco Road, came back for more on Friday at Bastille, and came in hot again this morning.