YHC  & Compatriot arrived at the Dufresne household at 1600 sharp greeted by a new “Murse”- patrick… maybe? The new murse informed PAX that Dufresne was feeling some pain in his right shoulder and thus would be limited this workout. Sure murse patrick, we’ll see what Dufresne has to say about it…

THA THANG (best to note dialogue):

Leg Presses (kick me in the chest) – 20x, 15x, 10x each leg

Leg Rolls – 20x, 15x, 10x each leg

Pile Drivers-  YHC: “Hey Dufresne, we’re going to go easy on the right, is that ok?” Dufresne: Vehement Negative.  2×20 EACH ARM

YHC: “OK so since you did double cadence and absolutely dominated those- I guess we should check the animal for weapons.” Dufresne: Confident affirmative, “Now your getting it Cinderella… God’s my strength.” Checking the Animal for weapons – 2×20 (double cadence, of course)

YHC:”Alright let’s do some happy jacks!” Dufrense: You forgot the Chicken Wings…

Chicken Wings: 2×20

YHC: “Now can we do the Happy Jacks.” Dufrense: Relaxed affirmative.

Happy jacks/Leaning towers – 2×20

at this point, Dufresne calls in the patrick murse (still not having taken a ten count through the whole workout) and fixes his piping. Dufrense asks for the board and tells us that he’s going to hold his legs up. PAX: “Whaaaaaaaat? That’s not even on the menu.”

Dufresne Bull headed 3 count leg holds (Leg held straight up and then relaxed on the 4 count): 2x 20 + 1×10 each leg!

YHC: “Holy Cow Dufresne , you’re killing this- think you want to finish it off with a side of Fly swatters?” Dufresne: Don’t mind if I do. Flyswatters 2×20.



Mind blown – no place for announcements but we mentioned the Christmas Party on Dec 19, 7pm @ Tyler’s Seaboard Station anyhow.

Please continue to Pray for Dufresne and come out to hope builder sign up below, he is making mighty strides toward his goal of bearing weight on his legs by the end of February – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqbzvpVhJYU-dGM3ODRQeDFEekZ3TXA1RVFTNTRMNHc&usp=sharing