The memo was sent out late last night, do not show up at North Cary Park.  It appears all but 2 men got the memo and 1 got it but made a choice to violate orders and show up.  With 3 brave souls and an empty park, CK took the reins and the show began.

Run down the sidewalk, lunges back
Hop over wet and slippery sign, fall on the ground

the 563 (yhc was born in Iowa), 5 times of:
* paint the lines (x6)
* 3 mary exercises (20 each)

Plank – o – Rama:
High Plank (20 count around the circle)
Low Plank (20 count around the circle)
High Plank, Sarkozy, Putin, High Plank (20 count)

After a mediocre attempt at recruiting, we decide to join the guy practicing sprints.  He was a bit more serious with cones and spiked shoes.  Heck, he even was stretching.

20 yard sprints:
* 12 touch and goes
* 6 sprints with a burpee at the end of each sprint

Finishing up with some curb work:
* quick feet
* side hop ups
* quick feet down and twist an ankle
* side hop ups

Dealers choice:
* 4x 40 yard sprints

tclaps to the 3 pax who continue to post, and for key west for taking the reins next week
tclaps to ck for again showing how foolish he is at scaling a sign and falling down, then twisting an ankle at the end
tclaps to key west for engaging our fellow neighbor in conversation while he was stretching – a possible new member of the Cary group!