6 gathered for the 12 Days of Christmas set. Elsinore suggested some background music, so I hit shuffle on Spotify. Had a little Dylan(Diamond Joe) and Allman Brothers(Stormy Monday Blues) pop up and that’s all we needed to get us through. Maybe we should try some Superchunk next time to up the pace a little. 25 PaX, including 1 FNG, started their week off right at today’s edition of a North Hills. Proper disclaimer given, and off we went.

Warmup COP
SSH x 20
Mountain Climber x 20
Slow Merkin x 15
Windmill x 20
Burpees x 10 OYO

Count off odds/evens for a #doubleapplesauce through the neighborhood. Anxious PAX this morning, as this wasn’t the slowest IR I’ve witnessed. There was definitely some mouth breathing by the time we got back to the park.

Circle up for a burpee ladder. 5s with a 5 count rest between 5<10<15<10<5

Head up to the upper lot: bear crawl to first speed bump, gorilla walk to second, backward run to the top. Plank and wait.

Find a spot at the picnic shelter for leg & lungs
Box Jump x 10
Squat Jump x 10
Lunge Jump x 10
Repeat for 4 minutes.

Incline Merkin x 20
Decline Merkin x 10

Jog back down to the lower lot
Count off by 3s.
1s start at the end near baseball field with AMRAP merkins. 2s start at the end near the gate with AMRAP star jumps. 3s sprint from 1 to 2. Groups rotate through until each group has done 3 sets of merkins and star jumps, and 6 sprints.

American Hammer x 20


Naked Moleskin
Strong work by all today. Welcome FNG High Life. Glad to have you this morning and hope you'll come back soon.

Please RSVP to Christmas Party.

Friar Tuck's Monday Bible study is moving to the Panera on SixForks near Whole Foods. More room to spread out.

Hey YOU! If you've been coming out for a couple of months now and haven't Q'd a workout, do it. It'll set you right. Aye!