In reviewing Twitter over the weekend, YHC noticed a challenge has been laid down to rethink all you know about the 12 Days of Christmas.  Challenge accepted!  YHC promptly included it in planning his final Crucible Q for 2014.  9 PAX posted on a clear and frosty cold AM and with the Shovel Flag planted and no FNG’s, we didn’t waste much time getting to work.

The Thang:

  • SSH x 20
  • Fazio Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 reverse)
  • Brief jog to lower parking lot – Circle up

YHC explained how the 12 days worked and we got started on our warm-up.  See attached photo for the exercises.  Mumblechatter increased as we kept going up.  Upon finishing, brief rest and on to the 10 Pain Stations.

  • Recover on the jog to the tennis courts, pick out a rock of unusual size for some of the stations
  • Enter tennis courts, place rock down after lining up on the fence closest to the picnic shelter

10 Pain Stations – 10 called exercises, each 1 minute long with brief rest (10-15 seconds) between each station.

  1. Suicides – run to end of first court sideline, back, beginning of second court sideline, back, run to far court sideline and back.  Repeat until YHC called time.  If you could do this twice, you were really moving.
  2. Balls to the Wall – 1 minute of doing this after suicides is longer than you think
  3. People’s Chair – alternating right leg up, left leg up from 30 seconds on down
  4. Bear Crawl – down to far sideline and back.  Repeat until YHC called time.
  5. Fly Merkins – (Standard merkin starting position but as you go down, you move right arm out to wide grip merkin.  4 merkins to the right, 4 merkins to the left, keep repeating until time is called) #burner
  6. Alternating Lunges (Right, Left) – this is not step forward right, step back and then repeat with the left leg.  This is 1 minute of switching legs back and forth – aka the “Mary Catherine” from P90x = #burncity
  7. Rock Squat – similar to a goblet squat – after doing lunges, the legs were feeling it
  8. Rock Lunge and Rotation – hold your rock to your chest.  Step forward with your right leg and twist to the right.  Step back and repeat with the left leg, twisting to the left.  Keep alternating until time is called.
  9. Shoulder Press – that rock gets heavy after 1 minute
  10. T-Merkins with Rock – Start with left hand on rock, do a standard merkin, then twist and bring right hand into the air pointing up, curl right arm under torso and bring it back up in the air.  Return to plank position, do another merkin and then switch and put right hand on the rock repeating the exercise with the left arm.  This is a balance and strength exercise.

With the 10 stations over, YHC checked his watch.  10 minutes to spare.  Grab your rocks for two more stations.

  1. WWII Situps w/Rock – surprisingly, this turned into an arm exercise more than an ab exercise.  Probably because you’re concentrating on not dropping the rock on your face or legs.
  2. American Hammers w/Rock – 1 minute of this is punishing

Return rocks and head over to picnic shelter.  Find a spot on a picnic bench for the final three exercises

  1. Dips x 15 in cadence
  2. 20 jump ups OYO
  3. 20 Irkins in cadence



  • as YHC was pulling up this AM, I saw another car pull into the school entrance and wasn’t sure if it was a new PAX unsure of where to park.  After planting the Shovel Flag the same car pulled into our main meeting area and out pops Pink Slip who promptly heads off into the gloom.  YHC checked the Crucible Q schedule to make sure we didn’t have a double-booking.  Nope, but Pink Slip was on the docket for next week.  Maybe he got his weeks mixed up?  Nope – upon returning he told me he was doing some early reconnaissance for next week, which could be his first solo Q, the last one being a co-Q with Fungo.  Strong Pink Slip…I suspect you’ve got something good in the works.
  • During the 10 stations, it’s hard to guage if 1 minute of called exercise is enough time to wear down the PAX.  Trust me…High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works great and will test you.


  • F3 Christmas Party – next Monday 12/22, 7-930pm at Tyler’s Taproom – 18 Seaboard Ave, Suite 150, Raleigh, NC  RSVP with Costco if you haven’t done so already.  Donations accepted at the door to help offset the party but also to go towards the F3 Foundation
  • F3 Connect – this Wednesday, 12/17 Mia Francesca – North Hills from 1130am-1pm, 25 spots only – Zima to discuss Craft Brewing.
  • Prayers for current PAX injuries
  • Please sound off on other prayer requests I forgot to mention.

Swingline closed us out in strong prayer