Twenty-four PAX scoffed at the sub-freezing gloom at Fetzer Field on Monday.

Quick opening of SSH, imperial walker, arm circles, merkins. The solution to cold temps? Run early and often. Two laps (1/2 mile) of the track was sufficient for everyone to get their turn in an Indian Run, then it was time to mozy up to the field where cones and the gloom awaited.

Tag teams for bear crawl, crabwalk, wheelbarrow – heading to next cone on each successive cycle. Three rounds of that, plus a round that included a full field sprint. Then three sets of Rocky Balboas, with a left-right cross at the top for the full Rocky effect (thankfully no one missed down the middle).

6 MOM included LBC, Heels to heaven, American hammer, and “slow” slow flutter.

Welcome FNG Schnitzel. After all that you’ve accomplished in your life, you’ve been named for a fried German staple. Congrats.

Marky Mark’s latest Q was six months after his F3 debut. Shared some thoughts about the positive impact it’s had on his life and he’s eager to Q again soon.