17 strong came out to start the week off right with one FNG. Burt had everyone dancing as he delighted the PAX to some New Edition music pre workout. Evidently, his car stereo works well.

18 headed off from the gate at Apex park in an old school 2 line (tandem) indian run and headed into the park proper. The group circled up for the warm up:

17 x good mornings, 17x mountain climbers, 17 x imperial walkers.

The Thang:

Head to the basketball court and count off. 1’s do merkeins (under Burts fine leadership and loud count), whilst 2’s run around the court with sprints mixed in. Flapjack. next 2x around court with 1’s doing wide armed merkeins and flapjack. Next, 1’s prisoner squats with 3 times around the court and flapjack. Onto left-right step ups with the other group 3 times around the court. Finally, plank with other group 2 times around court.

Head to middle of court for Jack Webbs. 4:1 ratio starting at 1 down and working eventually up to 7 downs to 28 up’s. a quick break for some fine Monday morning Fazio arms circles to 20 count and reverse. Back down for more J.W.’s from 7 back down to 1.

Mosey to shelter for 20 count dips, 10 incline merkeins, 6 inch leg hold with 10 count around the group, 15 counts dip. Jog back to park entrance and 20 Russian hammers, 15 rosalitas, and 15 dying cockroaches.

Namearama with FNG Emeril joining us this morning. Prayer requests by Burt for a co-worker and Saban. Saban led us out. Great starting off the week right with you men. See most of you at BO this week.