It has been a busy week for YHC, Flew red eye to Washington St for my Grandpa’s memorial service and time with family last Friday and Saturday which was a great time of celebration of his life. Spending time with my Mom’s side of the family was special and getting to see the impact my Grandpa had on so many people was very special. It was a great chance for me to walk through his home, shed, ride in his Navigator that had taken us on so many trips to Mt. Hood. Read the moleskin for what I shared during his service. He was a special man who served God in Japan for 31 years, Russia for 1 year, Seniors pastor
for another 10 years in Washington St. He was 86 with both knees replaced, hip replaced and revised and still went to the mountain 36 times last year to downhill snow ski with his great grand kids. Played golf the morning he passed away as well. He enjoyed life and made everybody around his better. YHC also Flew back through Arizona to see my sister on Sunday and Red eye again before work Monday.
Boy am I glad to be back in NC!

3.5 mile run 5:00 to 5:30 just in time to make it back to get the PAX warmed up. Great to see MFL (Midget for life) and Deadbolt making the trip over today!

The Thang:
Warm up: In cadence SSH-side straddle hops (20), Air Squats (10), Lunges (10), Butt kickers (10).

Scout run from Faith Community to bottom Picinic shelter of Lake Benson Park

Partner 100’s: One partner runs out 50 yards and back while partner performs as many reps possible and switch, continue through all 4 exercises as a team and continue running or plankarama until the PAX is complete.

100 Air Squats
100 Lunges
100 Mountain Climbers (only count right leg)
100 Plank Jacks

Mosey (jog slowly) to street for Jump squat suicides
Run/Sprint to 1st light/back/2nd light/back complete 10 squat jumps per round
Repeat 4 rounds OYO and then run back for the six (last man) #nomanleftbehind

Catch me if you can back to the flag: first man jogs out while partner does 5 lunges and sprints to catch partner and slow to jog after, continue to
switch until you reach the flag. PAX did a great job returning back for the six today to run in together.

Jailbreak (Max sprint) to the flag

Everybody pushed hard and mileage varied between 2.5 to 4 miles in the PAX today. Great work and good technique seen today, take care of you body so that you can return for more fun the next day.

BOM (Ball of Man): Lab rat’s Grandparents are getting worse with health
PAX father in law battling terminal cancer/procedure coming
PAX relationships with M’s (wife) trying to repair marriages
Continue prayer for Stretch’s family friend Ben

Here is what I shared with the family/friends and church celebrating the life of my Grandpa. I know you won’t be able to truly understand how much he meant to all his family but I hope you feel the impact he had, lived a life of a #HIM (high impact man). Strive to finish your race well guys and lead your families, wives, communities without regret.

“Let me tell you a story…that was one of Grandpa Orlo’s favorite things to do. He would draw you in with every detail, make you feel, smell, and hear every sound. You never knew if it was going to be a serious ending, funny, sad, or korny….okay usually korny. So let me tell you a story about a man who led his family, loved those around him, and finished his race.

In F3 we call GGPA a #HIM, stands for High Impact Man. GGPA was active with his family, made an effort to make every moment count. He strived to make memories and lead his family spiritually. He would lead by example and challenge each of us men in the family to live a life without regret, with passion for those around us. He lived a passionate life for his family, outdoors, and for God. He has set the roots of a strong family that is in awe of God’s power, creation, love, and forgiveness. GGPA’s impact has a large radius, and his spirit contagious.

GGPA is the reason I say “Dingbat”, “Hogwash”, “Eat the dirty mouse”(the sound the Japanese phrase for “Let’s Eat”). He is why I ask golf pro’s and ski lift operators “Are you responsible for this beautiful day?” and “Ahhhhh Hush!” Grandpa was always competitive no matter what he was doing. Tennis, basketball, racquetball, or cards. He wanted to win and teach us to work hard for things we wanted in life. I was always in awe of his tennis serve, he would rarely slow it down for us kids. I was always thrilled when I could finally beat him. We would continue to find ways to make it fair whether it be handicap strokes, a foot wedge, or his transition to the front tee.

He was always ready for adventure, waking early for golf/skiing came easy to him. We knew now to be late for departure to the mountain. Grandpa wanted to be the first down the slopes, to hear the crunchy vibration under his skis from the freshly groomed slopes. He wanted to smell the quiet, crisp mountain air before anybody else was there. You loose yourself for a moment until you hear him hollering down the mountain in approval. He was always willing to make the trip to the mountain even if the threat of bad weather was possible. Several times we would make the trip to make 1 run down the mountain to leave and return home due to poor conditions. He taught us to enjoy life, he even drove our parent’s mini-van over railroad tracks like evil-knievel leaving the ground with all 4 tires.

Grandpa was a patient teacher, always willing to instruct on different skills, how to hold a golf club/tennis racket, how to parallel ski, but most importantly hard work and his savior Jesus Christ. He taught us how to love and care for your spouse. To argue gracefully even though he was very stubborn. Grandma was the boss, he loved you and talk of your relationship often. Grandpa taught us about being a man or woman with character and having a real and meaningful relationship with our savior Jesus Christ.

GGPA would want us to leave here today, reach those around us and use our skills and passions to make a difference in our families, churches, and communities. Thank you Grandpa for all the lessons, love, leadership, memories and for being a #HIM.”

Stretch Out, see you in the gloom.