Feet were moving for some scout runs as a warm up (~7 min)

Village led PAX with SSH, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers while Q figured out the timer app for the main set.

Once Q got his bearings, finished the warm up out with standard merkins, air squats, and fazio arm circles.

The Thang

‘Erbody grabbed a rock.

Tabata timer was set (30 seconds work 10 seconds rest) for four rounds through this:

Merkins, Rows (with rock), Walking Lunges (no rock, sprint back to rock), Shoulder Press (with rock), Air Squats (with rock)

Mosey shuffle around the parking lot for a recovery run

Pick up the rock for another tabata of curls/tricep extensions.


Flutter Kicks IC 40 count

WWIIs 20 oyo

In & Outs IC 10 count

Pulse ups 30 oyo

Quote of the day from P&G after a manhood joke “its hard to workout carrying 3 stones…”


And there’s your morning after.