It was a beautiful Labor Day with temps in the low 70s, but humidity was high. We had strong attendance with 1213… 14. Glad to have Denali and Grease Monkey make the journey from Cary down to the Quay. Being mentally deficient most of the time and doubly so when YHC is facing oxygen deprivation…I carry a cheat sheet. I was quickly called out by Denali for using the winkie. It is what it is.

12 stalwart PAX ran a bit
Side Shuffle Hops x 25
Cross Over Imperial Walkers x 25
**Blue Hen arrives late ** 10 Burpee penalty for everyone (now we’re 13)
Windmills x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 15 x 15

Step over to the playground and break up into 5 squads
One member does exercise while others run loop, flap jack until all have one exercise and run loop twice. Rotate to next station. (editorial note: I messed up on assignments regularly here…but everyone eventually got to each station…I think)
Stations included: Swing set derkins: Pull ups: Diamond Merkins: Star Jumps: and Incline Rows. It was during this mayhem that Key West EHed an FNG who had hoped to run by without attracting too much attention (number upped to 14).

Indian Bear Crawl to the Tennis Courts.

Back to squads: one member runs 2 court suicide, others do Balls to the Wall. Flap Jack until all 3 members have run
Repeat with People’s chair

PAX notice there’s only 10 minutes left…certainly we will start slacking off. Nope. We just have time for the Cakalaky Choo Choo.


Great to have two FNGs join us. Welcome Pop Up and Ditka. Also we appreciate the commute made by Denali and Grease Monkey. They claim they came down to avoid the full hour workouts at the other sites this morning.
During the Choo Choo I challenged all PAX to do a full Burpee and not cheat with flying squirrels, throwdowns, or other means of short cutting the full Burpee. YHC has always considered the squat down and the extension as a part of the exercise, and to skip those is like running a mile, but skipping the last ¼ of it. If we are doing the exercise, let’s do it right.
Once again, I have to say that I am honored and humbled to be among men like this. I am thankful for the opportunity to lead.