Work. Sometimes it means dirty jobs. The Worst Jobs. While in plank position for :60 YHC instigated #mumblechatter to determine the worst jobs held among the PAX. Our man Buy Low spieled about serving as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant for a grand total of two days. Says he still won’t eat Chinese to this day. In honor of his dirty job, we moved immediately to the Dying Cockroach.

Labor Day is the day to recognize work. So we worked. #meanmeanstride


WARMUP – All the Classics

Run to Wake Forest High School 

LEG LABOR On the Run: High knees / Butt kickers


  • Hammers / :60 Plank
  • LBCs / :60 Low Plank
  • Dying Cockroach / Niplers x50 in cadence
  • Freddie Mercs / 30 paces L Plank Walk / Squats x20 / 30 paces R Plank Walk

Recover on the Run

DECK LABOR (WFHS parking deck):

Burpee Broad jump the ramp

4 Corners:

  • Mericans x15 / run to next corner
  • LBCs x20 / run to diagonal corner
  • Mericans x15 /run to 4th corner
  • Freddie Mercs x20
  • Downstairs Bear Crawl

And repeato…

  • Broad jump the ramp
  • Mericans x15 / run to next corner
  • The Big I x15 / run to diagonal corner
  • Mericans x15 / run to 4th corner
  • WW2 Sit-ups x20
  • Downstairs Bear Crawl

Recover on the Run

TRIANGU-LABOR (WFHS parking lot)

Kix lead with cadence:

  • G1. Jump ups AMRAP
  • G2. Flutter Kix x25
  • G3. Mericans AMRAP

Sprint across parking lot & back; Repeato

Recover on the Run

MAN LABOR (soccer field):

P1Man-makers / P2 sprint to opposite soccer goal (flapjack)

P1 LBCs / P2 sprint to tree line (flapjack)



WF PAX are growing in size and strength. There was #mumblechatter of a 2nd workout starting in these parts. Aye. Good to see. Floppy Disk has worked and tended this ground well.


  • 9/11 Stair Climb – We’re going dark on Tweeter (Orwellian phrase) re: Stair Climb; instead, #ClownCar to back of Crabtree and keep it #ninjastyle
  • MudRun in October – Still time to sign up
  • The Mule – 10/25 #youcandoit

Prayers – Eisenhower family in WF / ministry in WF at N Wake Church

Concluded with thoughts on Labor. We’re created to work. Work was part of the deal, what we were created for by God before things went sour in the world. “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (Gen 2:15) So, when we work and how we work can reflect God’s character. We’re called to work as he does, creating, tending, caring for the people and projects we put our hands to. Let’s work as He works, men.

Sir Fazio prayed us out.