Ten PAX assembled at Fetzer Field for a Labor-ious holiday beatdown. Festivities commenced with 1.5 lap Redskin Run followed by a warmup of Side Shuffle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Merkins, Prisoner Squats and Arm Circles.

From there we navigated to the North Gate at Kenan Stadium and used the slope outside the entry gate for 12-count Carolina Dry Docks, both uphill and downhill. Then it was on to the West Side of Kenan Football Center for three rounds of 10-count dips on the rock walls and 10 box jumps onto the wall. Shooter spotted some handrails outside the Sonja Stone Center and improvised a quick round of three sets 12 count of inverted rows.

The hour continued into the depths of the Bell Tower Parking Garage, the PAX running up level by level, stopping for 30-second Standard Planks and Bows-n-Toes Planks at each level. The main course was delivered at the top of the deck: Sets of Prisoner Squats, Merkins, Alternating Lunges and Mountain Climbers, counting down 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-10.

The return trip through the gloomy woods outside the stadium was brightened with extra inverted rows and a quick round of 10 burpees, then it was on to Fetzer for round-robin Mary, including but not limited to Russian Hammers, LBCs, Long Slow Flutters, Heels-to-Heavens, WWIIs and Freddie Mercurys.

Those fart-sacking at the beach, mountains or other climes missed out the serious F3 magic and a well-deserved pecan roll at Panera Bread afterward.