14 men came out to Cletus while almost as many went to Carpex to support Q-swap. YHC teased a simple looking workout the night before and with foot still in recovery mode options were limited, which probably didn’t work out for the pax’s favor.

An FNG was EH’d by Lipsync, so disclaimers were given and a short mosey was made to do warm up next to FiA.

Warm up:

SSH x20 IC – 10 each leg

Cotton Pickers x20 IC

Sir Fazio Arm Circles – 10 forward/10 back

Michael Phelps to loosen up the chest for the beatdown it was about to receive


The Beat Down:

Partner up and wheelbarrow along the path to the end of the white fence. Pax can switch whenever they want, but each time they do n+1 burpees (capped at 5). Pax who finish first go back and escort in the 6.

Stop # 1 – White Fence

Partner 1 does 10 Dirkins on YHC’s down, partner 2 does LBC – Rinse and repeat 3 times for each partner, on top middle and top again fence rungs

More wheelbarrow seemed cruel, so partner one moved out doing crab walks while partner 2 did lunge walks. Went to the next turn in the track and then mosied to the amphitheater.

Stop # 2 – Amphitheater

Partner 1 does Balls to the Wall while Partner 2 does dips, 10 IC. Repeato 3 times for each partner.

Wheelbarrows were so much fun the first time we decided to do them again – this time going to the playground.

Stop # 3 – Playground

Partner 1 does 5 pull ups, partner 2 does Freddy Mercuries. Repeato 3 times again.

More crab walks (reverse this time) and lunges, this time going to the rock pile.

Stop #4 – The rock pile

Pax were told to grab a small/medium rock and we circled up for Mary:

Low Slow Flutter – 20 IC with rock over chest

American Hammers – 10 IC with rock touching dirt on each side

Brockies (Burpees with rocks) – 8

Rotate rocks

Low Slow Flutter – 20 IC

Turkish Getups – 5 with rock in each hand

Brockies – 7 more to round out to 15

Closed out with CoT/ball of man – prayer requests for Princess Cut, Cobol, & Crab Legs.


An honor as always to lead men – thank you for the opportunity.