Four Pax still creaky and sore after Saturday’s Ram beatdown lumbered out onto the Fetzer Track at 0545 for a Manic Monday beatdown. After a warmup (SSH x 20, Air Squats x 10, IW x 20, Merkins x 10, Arm Circles x 10 each direction, Mountain Climbers x 20), they set off in 32-degree temperatures, careful to avoid the icy spots on the track.

Each Pax ran 1/4 mile or one lap around the track and then knocked out 40 Walking Lunges, 20 Air Squats and 20 Merkins, repeato three times for a total of one mile.

Then it was off to the IM Fields and YHC’s patented Double Secret Burpees. A Double Secret Burpee is comprised of a Squat, a Thrust, a Merkin, a Peter Parker and a Side Shuffle Hop coming out. The group knocked out one of these and proceeded to do a Ladder. The second DSB featured two Merkins, two PP and two SSH. Then three of each, and on up until 10. A good time was had by all.

Then it was off to two circuits of Four Corners around one of the soccer fields, with each Pax leading an exercise in each corner—for Adolphus it was 10 Slow-Count Merkins, for Riggs it was Six-Inch Leg Raises, for Weurffel it was Carolina Dry Docks and for YHC it was Plank Jacks. Adolphus and Riggs were impressive in their all-out sprints each length of the field as the specter of their coming GoRuck looms just weeks away.

We knocked it out with six minutes of Mary—Heels to the Heavens, Russian Hammers, Rocky Balboas and LBCs—and repaired to our cars, hoping this would indeed be the last 32-degree Fetzer beatdown of the spring.

(posted on behalf of the merciless Shooter by the sore Adolphus)