The rooster was still shaking sleep from his feathers as 11 PAX charged the field for another serving of True Grit!

Warm Up: SSHx25, Wind Mill x20, Imperial Walker x20, Mountain Climber x20, jog back to the bottom of the dam while being serenaded by the over capacity discharge pipe.

The Thang:

(Bear Crawl to the top of the dam, Burpee x5, get back down to the bottom of the dam) x3

Pick up a medium sized rock, run back to the top of the dam and down onto the field. PAX divide into pairs to do some buddy work. First order of business: Sit-ups passing one rock back and forth x20. Next the field was set: 5 rocks were used as cones, spread approximately 25 yards apart. Start at Rock 1 (R1): Wheel Barrow to R2, Flap Jack to R3, Partner Carry to R4, Flap Jack to R5, jog to pull up bars for Pull-ups x5 while remaining Plank it out. Jog back to start line.

Starting at R1: Line up, sprint to R2, back peddle to R1, Sprint to R3, BP to R1, Sprint to R4, BP to R1, Sprint to R5, job to R1.

Repeat each set twice.

Merk Fest: Offset with right hand on Rock x5, both hands on rock x5, Offset with left hand on Rock x5, Squat to Overhead Press x20. Repeat.



Moleskin: Lets get 40 guys on Saturday! BE THERE!