(posted by Fazio on behalf of TARP)

29 PAX showed up on a beautiful Wednesday morning to submit their downPAINment for the day.  Let me begin our backblast with what I believe to be a first in Capital Punishment history:  

Enactment of Rule 33b:  Once a PAX has been deemed a F3 name by fellow PAX and provided with proper disclosures, he may not unilaterally rename himself (intentionally or unintentionally), else naming rights will be reopened and all suggestions (including women’s names) will be considered.

During COT today, our brother PAX Outboard (named at the North Hills workout on 6/10/13) provided his F3 name as Motorboat (t-claps to Orwell and Wilson for catching that) triggering Enactment of Rule 33b.  After allowing for public comments, QIC deemed it acceptable to reopen naming rights and we quickly decided on “Jennie” as the replacement name.  

Now to the good stuff

The Thang:
Warm up:

  • 15 burpees
  • Quick fellowship run
  • SSH X 25
  • Windmill x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Sir Fazio arm circles x 8
  • Reverse Sir Fazio arm circles x 8

Let’s Play Ball:

2 Groups alternating x 2

  • G1 – Lunge walk to 1st, bear crawl to 2nd, crab walk to 3rd, gorilla walk home
  • G2 – Squat Jumps, Merkins, 6 inch leg hold, lunges
  • G1 – Sprint the bases
  • G2 – Squat hold

Run over to Hamburger Hill:

Go Beast Mode and wheelbarrow up Hamburger Hill (yeah…you read that correctly), walk back down and switch with partner  X 2

Run up to Amphitheater:

Irkins x 15
The Dip x 15
L/R step ups x 15

Single leg dead lifts:  R leg x 15, L leg x 15


Long/slow flutters x 20
WWII situps x 20
Peter Parkers x 20
High plank hold – COT 5 sec countdown around the group



  • Cinderella is glad to have another PAX with a women’s name and met Minnie for the first time (Disney World brothers)
  • Prayers go out to a Peter and Julie (hope I got that name right), both are extended PAX family and are ill
  • Tclaps to MTARP for kind of helping me determine if wheelbarrowing up H Hill was even possible yesterday
  • While we may look like we aren’t paying attention, Rule 33b is in place and will be enforced
  • No Heavy Metal on 7/4 as there will be a convergence at the new Thursday workout at Laurel Hills Park – time TBD
  • Show up at Pullen on Saturday…we’re shooting for 40 PAX!