Being the first to admit it, this was my first post in just over three months. We were blessed with beautiful weather this morning, and 26 took full advantage of it.

No FNGs, and away we went.

Warm-up (or was it?): brisk jog into Pullen, up the stairs, past the octagon shelter, through the upper lot and down into pool parking. Line up facing pool in a single-file line.

50 yard dash.
50 donkey kicks.
50 yard dash.
50 donkey kicks (other leg)
50 yard dash
50 rosalitas
50 flutter kicks

Mosey into the upper lot. Lunge-walk across the lot and squat hold when done.

The Thang
Recover on the jog to the picnic shelter above our glorious half-pipe. Split up into the two shelters for a pull-up and burpee pyramids.

2 pull-ups, 5 burpees.
3 pull-ups, 4 burpees
4 pull-ups, 3 burpees
5 pull-ups, 2 burpees
Back up.
(23 pull-ups, 23 burpees)

– “Eye for an eye”
1 burpee for every pull-up performed, AMRAP, for 10 minutes.
(Approx 30 additional pull-ups, with some doing more burpees than pulls)

– 50 LBCs OYO
– 50 rosalitas
– 50 Irkins at the carosel
– 50 burpees OYO while partner ran the lake. Flapjack.

30 reverse LBC, 30 LBCs, 30 rosalitas, 50 flutters (with a 10-burpee intermission)

There’s no better EH than having your name on the Q sheet, at your own site, which you haven’t posted in 3 months and two weeks. YHC debated whether or not to discuss my absence during COT, but in the scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. My issues are nothing compared to the pain and suffering that others in our area, and country, and world are enduring.

Franzia kindly reminded us to take time to learn more about our brothers and sisters in this community. With 25th anniversary of the LA Riots upon us, we need to take a deep look into the mirror and get to know our fellow man, as we often fall victim to comfort.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.