Four PAX completed the Gobbler, one PAX posted for the Gobbler at the wrong location due to the national bank twitter firewall, and one PAX arrived for the regularly scheduled edition of Ball Bearings riding a yellow mustang.  [The Gobbler = meet at Roanoke Park, run 1 mile to Fletcher Park, complete Ball Bearings, run 1 mile back to Roanoke Park].

Driving rain, wind, fields of mud.  No parking decks, no roof, no dry concrete pads.  Go:

Jog around the lower path back up to the lower field.  Jog around some more looking for spot with less than 3 inches of standing water.  Warm up:

SSH x 30, standard merkins x 20, good mornings x 20, imperial walkers x 20, wide merkins x 20, windmills x 20.

Unbeknownst to YHC, the City of Raleigh’s annual rice planting on the lower field at Fletcher Park apparently took place yesterday, and the field was completely flooded to prepare the rice paddy for the upcoming growing season.  Unphased, the PAX headed to the end line of the lower field for the next exercise:

Bear crawl length of soccer field through rice paddy, sprint back.  Crab walk length of soccer field through rice paddy, sprint back.

Run to picnic area.

Partner 1 – 10 pull ups, Partner 2 – people’s chair on post.  Flapjack.  3 times through for 30 total pull ups and 3 sets of people’s chair.

Run to stone circle:

20 burpees.

Run to St. Mary’s St:

20 alternating left right step ups on the curb, 20 mini jump ups.

Cross the street to three level wall at Broughton for Chong Li Special:

20 derkins, 20 triple jumps (jump to 1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level = 1 triple jump), 20 dips, 20 prisoner squats.  Continue with 15, 10, 15, 15 reps of each, then 10, 5, 10, 10 reps of each.

Run back to picnic area for mary and pull ups:

30 LBCs, 20 double leg raises to 90 degrees, 20 hello dollys, 20 russian hammers, 10 pull ups.


  • Welcome back Floppy Disk.
  • Some confusion at the outset of the Gobbler.  Maize was sitting in his sedan at 6:02 wondering where the hell the rest of the Gobblers were, while the rest of the Gobblers were sitting at Roanoke Park wondering when said blue sedan was going to come careening up Aycock to deliver Maize.
  • T-claps to the PAX for bear and crabbing through extended sections of about 4 inches of standing water in certain places as part of consecutive 100 yard crawls.  #thatswhatmakesitfun
  • Money Hose wore a sweet clear trashbag over his trusty sweatshirt.  He reports it works great.
  • Thursday and Friday workouts at Laurel Hills only.