Time & Place

  • When: May 16 – 18, 2014
  • Where: Cape Hatteras, NC


  • 3 days of customized kiteboarding instruction (REAL Watersports) – $1,295
  • Plush manpad accommodations with flat screens, leather, granite, etc. – $135/night
  • Learning to harness the wind & take it for a ride with friends – priceless
  • Payment Terms: $500 to lock in a spot now.  Balance due by January 31, 2014
  • P.S. Instructional DVDs and $100 store credit are also included.

Who It’s For

You – if you’ve ever been that guy at the beach with his thumb up his rectum watching one or more dudes actively participating in life – carving up the saltwater with a wakeboard and a tent on a string. This is your chance to grab life by the short hairs.  This is THE WAY to learn how to kite board.
How to sign up:   http://www.realwatersports.com/learn/f3nation

Last Year

The Backblast from 2013 also includes this video from 2013 trip (TClaps Flea):



  1. Q – RDub – This gig is kinda pricey.  Did you forget that the 4th F is for “free”?  A – You dropped the Y membership and then dropped the premium cable subscription since you’re out like a light @ 2130 every night.  What else are you gonna spend your loose nickels on?  Vegas?  bad idea.  We have managed to secure a few hundred bones of pricing breaks – but hey, even Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless stuff costs $.  If you spent $275 on a GORUCK backpack – this is a no brainer.
  2. Q – RDub – How does this custom camp work?  A – Pretty simple – maximum on-the-water instruction.  Freshmen will start with some trainer kite stuff and quickly hit the water.  Sophomores and above will go straight to work in the Sound.  We’ll have a technical session in CLT in the weeks beforehand and 1 or more FAQ sessions @ #Goodbottle.  We’ll cover rigging the kite, equipment review, safety, general concepts, etc.  This way, everyone will be “up the curve” when we get there.  All of that stuff will be reinforced during the weekend by the instructors.  Also – as part of the registration package – everyone will receive a DVD series that is very helpful – watch it.  For those that have some kiteboarding experience, we’ll focus on improving kite and board skills, exclusively. #gettingair
  3. Q – RDub – What if it’s not windy?  A – If it’s not windy, we’ll work on board skills via wakeboarding behind the jetskis or surf lessons.  Last year, all 3 days had great wind and it was a non-issue.  According to the folks @ REAL, they have only had one camp in the last 10 years that didn’t have adequate wind.
  4. Q – RDub – What about sharks?  A – All bada$$ing is conducted in Pamlico Sound – it’s 4 feet deep… for miles – really, it is.  This isn’t an optimal ecosystem for fish.  Therefore, people don’t go fishing in the Sound and apparently, sharks don’t either.  The folks @ REAL tell me they’ve never seen a shark in the Sound.
  5. Q – RDub – I already HC’d for F3/Ski and have no more hall passes for the Spring – why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?  A – Sorry brah.  #nextyear
  6. Comment below with any other questions.