10 Regulars, No FNGs, mumble chatter was low, YHC checked with the today’s official timekeepers – CK and Franklin – and we’re off, heading to the playground with multiple stops on the way for SSH, mountain climbers, Merkins, low plank hold, imperial walkers, Abe Vigodas

At playground, five rounds of 5 pull-ups and 10 dying cockroaches. Recover on mosey with stop for Superman pulses and a great discussion on cicadas.

Mosey to the kiosk for double elevens: Kiosk to the top of the hill gate (Burpees) back to kiosk (Merkins) to boat ramp gate (monkey humpers) back kiosk (hammers).
– Ready for Disco Duck to get off the IR list. He just doesn’t look right walking the @F3Phoenix and not participating.

Indian run to the plushest grass in Cary for Mary. LBCs, Dolly, Hammers.

9/11 stair climb at Carter Finley Stadium, bring your coupons. Gate 4, underneath Vaughn towers. Access starts at 615am. Warm Up and divide at 6:30/6:45; start running the stairs just before 7am
Need people to sign up to Q
The Crik Triple Down 9/24 starting with Ruck at 6:15, men’s Boot Camp at 7am, women’s boot camp at 8:15am. This is not an F3 sanctioned event
Labor day convergence at Pullen Park 7 AM. There will be a non running option.
5K and 10K run for homelessness at Koko Booth amphitheater Labor day at 8 AM. See Billy for details


New workout starting August 31 at approximately 5:45 PM. Location to be finalized. Share recommendations, thoughts and concerns with site Q Banjo.

Prayer concerns:
Howard and his mission effort and work in Africa. #UnintendedConsequences
Let’s continue to keep in our prayers; Chinese Downhill, Jolly Rancher, Troller, and others not mentioned

Banjo took us out in prayer asking each man to think about where we invest our time and ask God for guidance. Do you spend it with your family, your faith, your friends, your personal inner and outer fitness. How we invest our time is how we invest in our lives, our families, our future, our faith.

Though we didn’t quite cover the ninja flips, invisibility, controlling animals, battle dancing, lightning punch, or sword work; we came close to breathing underwater – humidity + sweat.
Azul was missed. Pax were anxious to learn more about his battle dancing skills.
Ninja trainer nowhere in site. #WeWarrioredUp
Who knew you could learn so much about cicadas during an F3 workout.

We were Drowning Pool – The Bodies Hit the Floor!

Ninja Training out. Domo arigato

5 for Coffeeteria at La Farm. No Burt, No Discount