23 PAX. Disclaimer given.  Time to go to work.  Cadence counts will be low, slow, and therefore challenging.


SSH x 10

Mtn Climbers x 10

Good Mornings x 10

Merkins x 10 (down on one and three count)

Precision Squats x 10 (squat on each one and three count)

The Thang:

Jog to pavilion for Dip x 10 (down on one and three), Derkin x 10 (down on one and three), Dip x 10, Irkin x 10 (again, down on one and three)

Jog to bridge on the way to the softball field. Stop on the way for Prisoner Squat x 10 (down on one and three). Lunge walk bridge and jog to the softball field for the main event.


Cones set up to make 4 lines, about 10 yards apart. PAX runs to and from start to each line, suicide style. For nickel, 4 reps at first line, one at start, three at next line, two at start, etc. Dimes are 8 reps at first line, two at start, six at next line, 4 at start, etc.

NICKELS:  burpees, diamond merkin, jump back merkin, pike up (cross fit merkin)

DIMES:  merkin, ski abs, precision squat, frog lunges

Indian run two laps around perimeter of field to recover from Nickels and Dimes

Back to bridge for quick plank and lunge walk.

Up to newly discovered grassy area for Mary, with continued emphasis on slow cadence.  Sky kicks (x 10), Freddies (x 10), Cockroaches (x 10), LBC (x 10), low plank hold,  slow flutters (x 10) and Rosalita to cannonball (x 10)


-slowing down cadence and focusing on form and pace made a big difference.  10 count today was yesterday’s 20 count, at least

-nice to have Bartman join us from Greenville, SC.  Sporting a stache that puts Chong’s to shame.

-t-claps to Enron for running to and from the workout. Strong, brother.

-Plebe can attest to the fact that everyone’s favorite War Daddy dentist was having trouble with counting on the nickels and dimes. #nomathindentalschool

-I’m smoked.  Hope everyone else is as well.

-have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for, not the least of which is the Raleigh PAX.