An extra special holiday edition of Hopebuilder yesterday afternoon.  YHC arrived with about 5 minutes to tip off, only to see Au Pair hanging from the rim of Dufresne’s basketball goal in his driveway.  When I say “hanging,” I mean standing with his hands yanking down the rim on a non-regulation goal. Lamp was as usual standing steadily and thoughtfully in the driveway waiting the tip off.  Rumors of Tee Square abounded.

We entered the house, washed our hands and got ready to make quick work of today’s routine.  Chris the Nurse who makes Magnus ver Magnuson look weak, descended and called off the workout.  Said our man Dufresne was whooped from some congestion.  YHC inquired if this was a Tony Robbins Power Speech moment.  It wasn’t.  We were invited to go up and visit.  So we did.

I am sure Dufresne thought he’d ended up on some sort of Bizzaro View.  Incidentally, Au Pair was voted Most Reminiscent of Starr Jones by his senior class.  We talked.  Told jokes.  Closed it out.

We took yesterday in stride.  So did Dufresne.  If there’s any lesson, it’s no matter the wind or the tide, if it’s the appointed hour, guys in a group called F3 will show up.  If working out isn’t an option, we will just hang out.  And no matter, we’ll be back again the next time.  To climb the mountain.